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Udupi's potential Drive-in beach: Padukere

Drive-in beaches are the beaches on which you can ride your bike or drive your car, without having to worry about getting stuck in sand. Drive-in beaches are possible if the beach sand is strong enough to withstand vehicles that are few tons in weight, are long enough so that vehicle owners can enjoy a reasonable distance of driving on sand. There are no designated drive-in beaches across entire Karnataka. There were many incidences where people took their vehicles closer to beach at various spots and often got stuck

Do you know that Udupi has a potential drive-in beach? You don’t have to go to Kannur in Kerala to experience driving on the beach.  This stretch of beach is located close to Malpe, known for its sea walk and boat ride to St Mary’s Island. But the nearby Padukere beach is lesser known among tourists.

On a recent visit I realized that this beach is well suited for driving on. Bikes and light weight cars can easily drive on this stretch that extends up to a few kms. The sand is strong enough in  my assessment but entry and exit points need some hardening for cars to enter safely.

Watch this video to see it for yourself-

A more detailed video including drone footage, insta360 clip and a minute of dialogue by me below (watch on youtube)

The problem:

To promote drive-in beaches, we need proper entry and exit for cars. However this is the missing bit in Udupi’s drive-in beach. About 100 meters from the road till the beach is full of loose sand which is blocking access to normal cars. If this 100 meter can be made drive-able, then normal cars and enter and exit without needing 4x4.

The entry and exit spots also give govt an opportunity to collect entry fee.

I was able to manage entry into the beach area on my two wheeler. I wouldn’t risk driving into the beach in my car yet, but if the 50-100 meter entry area is made drivable, then there is nothing stopping promoting Udupi as a drive-in beach destination. Just a set of 100-200 interlocks placed properly would serve the purpose of smooth entry and exit. This is for the tourism department and Govt to act.

Hopefully authorities take necessary steps to make this happen.

Is the sand strong enough?

I think so. I couldn’t test with my car as there was no easy access, but tried with a motorbike. Bike was holding on fine while riding and also when I parked.

How to reach Udupi’s drive to the beach in Padukere?

You can search Padukere beach and follow google maps. From Malpe, take the road that goes towards Mattu beach. After crossing the bridge, turning right (left would take you to Mattu & Kapu) would lead you to Padukere beach. Follow the road till the end, if you can find a suitable entry point into the ocean you can enter.

Udupi’s potential drive-in beach: Basic information:

  • Drivable Distance: at least 1 to 2 kms
  • Location: Padukere beach, 7 kms from Udupi town, 3 kms from Malpe Seawalk
  • Time: You can visit any time as per your convenience
  • Help available: None. If you are stuck you are on your own. So better to go with some friends
  • Suitable for: bikes as of now and 4x4 cars maybe. 2 wheel drive cars need to find a suitable entry/exit or stay away for now.
  • Fee: None. There is no entry fee as of now. (Once Govt decides to commercialize this I can’t tell)

Remember: You read about Udupi's drive-in beach first on enidhi.net

Nearby: Mattu Beach * boat to St Mary’s island * Malpe floating bridge * Kapu lighthouse * Malpe Seawalk


  1. That's a nice beach. Good to know about it.

  2. Didn't even think that there could be something like a drive in beach!

  3. We visited this beach this time. Happy that its not so commercialised, no parking fees, whole stretch from Mattu to Padukere was clean too.


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