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Wikipedia QR Code Project in Udupi launched

Today I was part of a unique activity in Udupi- an initiative to provide information about various tourist places in Wikipedia. Visitors can scan a QR code, will be taken to respective page in Wikipedia and can directly start reading more about the place or attraction in front of them.

This project is conceptualized and executed by Dr. Pavanaja, who is heading Karavali Wikipedians and leading several initiatives for Wikimedia foundation.

Why? The problem statement:

While there are numerous places of interest around us, there is lack of authentic information about the same. There are very few Wikipedia pages (in English and even fewer in Kannada) and even if a page exists, information there is often not exhaustive or authentic.

Without the right information tourists may fail to plan their trip properly, propagate wrong information or miss out on vital facts and information about a spot.

The solution:

Part 1: add more content to Wikipedia

While Wikipedia is free to use source of information into which anyone can contribute, many of us only take information from Wikipedia but don't contribute, due to reasons best known to us

  • We don't have time
  • We don't have the patience to follow Wikipedia's rules and contribute
  • Our writing skills are too poor
Dr Pavanaja has initiated a program with school students encouraging them to write contents for Wikipedia- this enriches their research skills, writing skills and instills confidence into rest of their academic activities. While students are at it, you can contribute too.

Part 2: Displaying QR Codes at public spots
The project aims to install a display of QR code at prominent tourist spots around Udupi. Visitors who come there can simply scan the QR code, be taken to respective Wikipedia page and read more about the place.

But while part 1 is easy, part 2 is complex- permissions needed from various civic bodies to install/display QR Codes, QR codes and supporting materials (a stand/board etc) need to be printed/manufactured, there is physical cost and labour involved. This is where Udupi tourism, Udupi district administration and other civic bodies have offered to help.

Udupi DC inaugurating QR code project at Bhujanga Park today. While the launch is symbolic, work is in progress to generate authentic content for various places of interest in Udupi district, make publicly available QR codes for them.

Students participating in the program were taken to few places of interest in and around Udupi, including Hastashilpa and Mekkekattu. District administration has also promised a 3 day tour to participating students so that they can experience tourist places in Udupi first hand and then write about it. I wish all the success to the program.

Other districts in Karnataka can take similar initiatives.

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