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A digest of all Singapore posts

This post is a digest of various posts published on Singapore. If you’d liked all my Singapore posts and wanted to bookmark, this is the link to use.

The Changi Airport:
  1. Unique facilities at Changi Airport
  2. Kinetic Rain at Changi Airport
  3. Gardens at Changi Airport
  4. My first post on Changi Airport
Places of interest in Singapore
  1. Marina Bay Sands - An iconic hotel and shopping complex in Singapore
  2. Gardens by the bay - Launched in June 2012, this is Singapore're newest attraction featuring super trees
  3. View from top of Marina Bay Sands Photos clicked from top of Marina Bay Sands-view scenic beauty of Singapore's sky scrappers
  4. Marina Bay sands shopping complex
  5. Singapore Flyer images
  6. Star Cruise Libra, docked at Singapore
  7. Fort Canning Centre & Park is a nice little park in the heart of city, good for a morning walk
  8. Ministry of Information building A building with colourful windows
  9. Reverse Bungee jumping at Clarke Quay Try this once
  10. Labrador Nature Reserve A lesser known park by the sea
  11. Singapore River Cruise  A ride in Singapore river is another way to explore the city
  12. Sentosa Arial view (Coming up)
  13. Cable Car ride, Singapore between Mount Fabre and Sentosa- gives scenic view of city and a memorable experience
  14. Cars in Singapore (Coming up soon)
  15. Southern most point in Continental Asia? A debated topic
  16. Ifly Singapore Take flying lessons in an artificial environment
  17. Hotel Peninsula Excelsior  Review of the hotel which was my home in Singapore
  18. Panasonic Horse Riding Equipment Sourced from a newspaper Ad
  19. National Gaden Singapore (coming up)
  20. Newspapers in Singapore (my observations)
  21. Beautiful buildings of Singapore 
  22. Birds at Botanic Garden, Singapore
Older posts: (photos and write ups from my friends who’d experience Singapore earlier)
  1. Lifestyle in Singapore (Guest post)
  2. Jurong Bird Park (photos from a friend)
  3. Singapore flyer (photos from a friend)
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