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Marina Bay Sands Singapore-more pics

During my previous visit, I could only look at Marina bay sands from a distance. (read here). This time I got a chance to go closer and take better pics. Sharing those pics below. I haven't still had the opportunity to go to the top of this building.

Below: Reflection of Marina Bay Sands on a lake at Gardens by the bay

These floating reflectors create a stunning visual as the wave due to wind
Inside the Marina Bay sands shopping complex
View from top of Marina Bay Sands
Watchout for Gardens by the bay pics and details soon


  1. Superb pictures Srinidhi. I only got to see this place from afar. So glad to have seen these pictures.

  2. The images really give a good idea about the place.

  3. Superb pictures, Srinidhi!

    Just wanted to ask about the 3rd last photo. From where you've clicked this picture?

  4. Nisha: There's a bridge connecting Bayfront MRT to Gardens by the bay. This bridge passes through Marina Bay Sands... clicked from this bridge

  5. Nice pictures.........


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