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Unique Facilities at Changi airport

What I'd seen of Changi airport during my first Singapore visit was just the trailer. When I had a guided tour of the airport during my second visit, arranged by PR team of Changi airport, I realized that Changi is a world on its own and has enough attractions to keep people engaged for days. No doubt Changi is rated one of the best airports in the world. Changi also makes itself a very practical transit hub, since waiting for your connecting flight will never be boring.

Let me show you some of the key facilities at Changi.

Swimming pool: Not many airports have a swimming pool. Changi has a swimming pool in T1, you can watch flights landing and taking off, while having a good swim. If you're staying at Ambassador transit hotel, entry to the pool is free, else there's a charge of SGD 14 to use the pool

Transit Lounge and Ambassador Transit Hotel: 6 hours rental (minimum rental duration) costs SGD 60, facilitites like massage, gym and so on are available

Loo with a view: If you can have bedroom with a view, living room with a view, why ignore the loo? Enjoy every minute of your time in Changi, irrespective of where you are!. Below loo design has won couple of international awards as well

There're touchscreen feedback consoles, on which users can indicate if they are happy or not happy with the facilities. If not happy, further feedback is asked. Based on the feedback (say no toilet paper or water leaking etc, maintenance staff can be deployed to address passenger concerns

Cinema halls: Enjoy free movies in various movie halls inside the airport.

Open Air smoking facilities: Few smoking areas are setup in Open air, with giant exhaust fans pushing out the smoke. This is built after the feedback from smokers that they'd prefer some fresh air

Sleeping areas: Airport has dedicated sleeping zones with flatbed chairs. Taking a nap is so convenient

Dedicated Areas for nursing mothers for breastfeeding
Eco friendly design: During day time, reflectors mounted on the roof pull in the sunlight and direct it to various angles, lighting up the airport and reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Air conditioning is only till 5 meters height, thereby saving energy

The slide: free ride if you've spent about 10 $ in airport

Kids play area and an interactive gaming centre

Do not miss out on the Kinetic Rain droplets in Action at T1. Have written about few other facilities including football screening in an earlier post

Gardens: Changi airport has about 5 gardens inside it. Will write about them separately


  1. It is really a good and useful information about Changi Airport. Amazing Pictures.

  2. I love walking and window shopping in the changi airport. It is always a good exercise walking there. :)

  3. indiawilds: Do explore others facilities at Changi

    Solo BP: Thanks

  4. Wow! A wonderful and informative post! My complete comments in reply to this post can be found at the bottom of my own post http://mickyandrani.blogspot.in/2012/07/o-of-singapore-july-2012-changi-airport.html.


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