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Fort Canning Centre & park

During a morning walk I accidentally found the entrance of Fort Canning park and walked in. It turned out to be a vast campus. I went for a round covering as much as I could, but I think I've only explored half of this place. Fort Canning centre is a small hilly garden located at the centre of Singapore. It has a Reservoir at the centre, couple of nice buildings, remains of a fort which once existed, few gardens and trees, an open work out centre, a hotel, a tunnel and of course a jogging track.

Fort Canning Centre: Used to be the headquarters for British Army in Singapore, now houses Singapore Dance theatre. Its a majestic building with vast green area around it.

Campus also has a small grave yard, where royal family and some army chiefs were burried. 
Below: Left: Corridor of Fort Canning Centre, Right: entrance to Fort Canning Park
Entrance to the park from North Bridge Road
Fort Canning Tunnel
Used to be the main gate for Fort...
Hotel Fort Canning
A reservoir at the centre of Fort Canning park. Access restricted
View of the city from Fort Canning centre
The park is also connected by road or escalator on one side for those who can't climb the stairs. Singapore national museum is also nearby.

More about this place on wikipedia 

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  1. Very nicely captured topped with good details

  2. Nice pictures. It gives a good idea to those who haven't seen the place. For people like me it brings back some very old memories.

  3. beautiful places :)
    thanks for sharing


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