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Shopping Complex at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Shopping complex is another area open to tourists at Marina Bay Sands. Casino is also another attraction here. 

 The complex houses several popular brands, needless to say expensive ones. A necklace priced at SGD 50k was the most expensive I could see through window shopping.
A reasonably big pool is created artifically inside the complex. Tourists are taken on a small boat ride inside the same


  1. The boat ride in the mini pond is so funny

  2. Nice images. Well written. Can't believe that there is a boat ride in a swimming pool. It is amazing. I wonder why someone wants to have a boat ride there.

  3. Very beautiful pictures! Loved the shopping area, that necklace is a beautiful piece.

  4. Thanks deepak, Arti, Rupam and Sabyasachi

  5. Sabyasachi,

    that boat ride looks like an attempt to mimmick floating market of Thailand.


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