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I-fly Singapore- learn flying/indoor Skydiving

June 2019 Update: I tried indoor skydiving in Gold Coast Last year. Also it is 60% cheaper in Malaysia's 1 Utama Mall

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We got down at beach station in Sentosa and were debating where to go next. The giant video outside a building in front of us was highly inviting. 
It showed people floating freely in air inside a chamber. Watch the video below  
Curious to know what it is, we went closer. We saw a trainer training a trainee to fly. The trainee was just few inches above ground and struggling to stay afloat. Just like swimming, guess this takes some practice to fly freely as shown in the video. As one person was getting trained, we saw others queued up for their turn.
We looked around for pricing details, the rates were heart breaking, so we left the place. (Costs about 69 SGD onwards for a short flight in a super off peak season and advance booking is required to avoid waiting forever) Aren't Air Asia tickets cheaper?
 Check iFly Singapore website for details.

Things are getting added up to my to do list left and right. Not sure when I'll be able to tick them off. 

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