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Gardens at Changi Airport, Singapore

Changi airport has about 5 gardens in its campus. About 2 of them (Sunflower and Cactus) are in open area and rest are indoors. All are real plants and not artificial ones which we find in other airports

Cactus Garden, T1

Butterfly Garden, T3
It was dark when we went there, so I don't have great photos of this garden. Did see few butterflies up close, but couldn't photograph them. Need to visit this garden one more time

 Fern Garden, T2
 Orchid Garden, T2

Sunflower Garden, T2

Real trees inside the airport
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  1. I remember noticing some of the plants they have there. This is a really interesting airport.

    I can't wait to see the kinetic rain that you posted about earlier.

  2. By reading so much about the city, it looks like you were there for months. :)

    Thanks for all detailed info.

  3. Thanks Nisha :) I was there only for about 3 weeks

    D Nambiar: thanks

    Vinisha and Hossain: Thanks


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