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Kinetic Rain, Changi Airport, Terminal 1, Singapore

What I saw at Changi airport during my previous visit  was just the tip of the iceberg. This time, I had a guided tour of the airport and got to explore several facilities offered at Changi. I will write about them in detail in a separate post. Focus of this port is the newly introduced attraction at Changi Airport's Terminal 1.

Called the Kinetic Rain, the attraction involves 2 sets of metal droplets, hung from the ceiling and moving in a co-ordinates way to form various shapes and sizes (related to aviation and flying)

This new Kinetic Art sculpture was opened up only few days ago, on 4th of July 2012 at Terminal 1 of Changi Aiport. Introduced as a part of recent T1 renovations offers a captivating view, forcing passengers to take out their cameras and take pics and videos. First of its kind for any airport in the world, Kinetic rains add yet another attraction to engage and entertain travelers visiting Changi International Airport in Singapore.

What are these Kinetic Rains?
Kinetic Rains are installed in 2 sets, separated by few meters. Each set has 608 bronze droplets (1216 in total), which are hung from the ceiling. Each droplet is connected to a high precision electric motor, which controls the movement of the droplet. When al 608 droplets move in coordination through a computer controlled algorithm, it results in captivating shapes. About 16 shapes (including Aeroplane, Kite, balloon, dragon etc) are formed in sequence by controlling the positioning of each droplet.
Created over a span of 20 months, several artists, programmers and technologists were engaged in making this Kinetic rain concept a reality. T1 is refurbished with the theme of Tropical City, hence the concept of rain goes very well with it.

From the moment you book a ticket and till the moment you leave your destination airport, thousands of people  and systems would have worked behind the scene to enable your travel from place A to place B. check-in staff, security staff, baggage handlers, food suppliers, aircraft crew, ground staff, controllers and several others would have worked in a coordinated way to facilitate your travel. The Kinetic rain also symbolizes the same. (Working in Unison and harmony to achieve a result)

I made a brief video of the Kinetic Rains, which can be viewed below.

If you're interested in watching the making of this kinetic rains, check this video

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  1. wow, that is so innovative. Awesome pics and an engaging video :)

  2. How lovely, I havn't been in Changi for six months but it's always been the airport I judge others by. I had to spend six hours in KL recently and was so bored that I bought myself shoes just to pass the time. With Changi I've sometimes checked in early just to spend some extra time there.

  3. Wow, this is so cool. I should check it out on my next trip there. :). Thank you for that video.

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