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Singapore Cable car ride: From Harborfront to Sentosa

Cable cars grabbed my attention during my first visit to Singapore. They used to move overhead as we were on a highway heading to Airport. I didn’t know the exact name of these things- after searching with couple of combinations- skyride, cable car, sky car, trolley and so on, eventually managed to identify what are these things and where to board them. (Also read about 1983 cable car disaster in Singapore) Internet literature told us entry fee is SGD 12. With a plan in hand, we went to Harbor front station on Saturday morning 8.30 AM. We got down from Harborfront MRT and stepped out looking for cable car ticket booth. Signages guided us to the right building. The counter at ground floor of Harborfront tower (formerly known as World Trade Centre) 2 was just about to open. There was no ticket at SGD 12. The ride costed us $29 per person, we could go to Sentosa on one end and Mount Fabre on the other side. We bought the ticket and took elevator to Level 15. Our original plan was to take a quick ride in cable car and then go to Jurong Bird Park. But as we approached Sentosa, we realized that this place will take considerable time if we started exploring it. Had to decide between Sentosa and Jurong bird park. Eventually chose to proceed with Sentosa since we were already there.
The ride lasted about 15 minutes from Harbor front till Sentosa. View of the city was nice.
Singapore cable car has adopted Angry bird theme- most of the cars were stuffed with an angry bird doll and lots of angry birds picture over the cabins
Sentosa also has a tiny museum of cable cars, wherein some old cabins and historical information on cable cars are exhibited
 Below: Overhead cable cars in motion as seen from the highway

 Below: view of Singapore city from cable car
 View of the sea from Singapore cable car
View of Sentosa
More pics on Sentosa coming up in subsequent post.
Below: It was raining while we were returning from Sentosa
Cable cars not to be confused with sky ride offered in Sentosa.


  1. Very Nice... I am enjoying this virtual tour of Singapur :)

  2. You captured the experience really well. Well done!

  3. Actually I don’t like cable cars because those are moving on electric cable through the electricity, but if any moment power cut so that time people are staying in cable car and these are very headache or some time cable wire is cut and car is dropped in, really these types of accidents are very normal case in everyday.

  4. I don't agree that accidents are very normal everyday. As I know it is very rare. Cable car system is capable of handling minor disruptions and is reasonably safe.

  5. Cable car or sky car those are one thing, but their many names and this is very interesting traveling thing. Actually I never seated in this cable car because I have never getting any chance for seating there, but I am excited to seat this sky car.


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