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Views from Marina Bay Sands' Observation deck (Skypark)

By paying 20 SGD, visitors can go to top of Marina Bay Sands observation deck. This deck gives 3 side view of Singapore (on the 4th side is rest of the building, accessible to hotel guests only) View from top is nice- on one side are the high rises of Singapore city next to the river, on the other side is Singapore flyer and a highway and on the 3rd side is the ocean and Gardens by the bay.

Below are some pictures taken from top of Marina Bay Sands
Gardens by the bay (more details in this post)

Singapore  Flyer (More pics)

Sky-scrappers of Singapore

Singapore River with Arts and Science Museum
Garden and pool at Marina Bay sands. Accessible only to Hotel guests (or via guided tour). The pool doesn't really extend till the end of the building- there's enough gap for safety reasons
 Singapore's floating stadium
 Left below: View of the deck from the extreme end. Right: Highways of Singapore as seen from top
Above: A pictorial depiction of where we were- the observation deck forms a small but significant part of the ship like structure on top of Marina Bay sands...

Marina Bay sands also conducts a guided tour to the garden and pool on the other side of the deck. This tour is always overbooked. When we went it was booked till night. Should visit during night time next to get night time photos of Singapore city

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