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Reverse Bungee jumping at Clarke Quay, Singapore

Jan 2016 Update:
I experienced this today at Clarke Quay. Ticket fee has gone up a bit- now SGD 45 (was 40 in 2012). Also I was told I can't go alone- there has to be min one more person. Had to wait for sometime and team up with others. Thanks to Desi-traveler for encouraging me to wait for sometime and find partners.

The experience lasted just a few minutes, but the ride was worth it. After first few seconds of high speed tossing into air there was a free fall for few more seconds followed by few rotations in which we turn 360 degree up in the air. After that things begin to settle down. I had to leave my spectacles behind, so I couldn't enjoy the view.

I fulfilled my wish after 4 years on my 4th visit to Singapore. It was worth it. Do try.
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You've seen and heard about Bungee jumping, which involves jumping from top. Have you tried the opposite? getting tossed into the air from ground level?

There're not many such reverse bungee facilities around and Singapore has one of them. (Operated by G-MAX, who have similar setup in 7 countries). The jump takes people to a height of 60 meters, at 200kmph, at a G Force of 5. Ride till top lasts only a fraction of a second. Once on top, it swings up and down for few minutes, allowing people inside to come back to normal state and eventually come down. Each ride costs SGD 45 per person.

In Singapore it is located near Clarke Quay riverside. Take MRT till Clarke Quay station.


 There's another ride which swings sideways.

Operator's website

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  1. Awww, I came here to ask the same question. :(
    So changing my question. :)

    Why didn't you try it?

  2. Situation didn't permit- I'd to wait for 60-90 mins for next slot. Decided to continue my walk

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful info with us. It is so appreciated.


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