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Southern most point of Continental asia?

When at Sentosa, we took a ropeway to reach a small islet (too small to be called an island) off Palawan beach. It was a beautiful location with two watch towers.

When we reached there following signage greeted us. For a moment I believed I should have reached southern most point. But once back, I tried to validate it on map and was in for a surprise. This location is obviously not the southern most point of Continental Asia
Below are two snapshot from google maps, which indicate geographical location of the place shown above. Obviously this point is NOT the southern most point of continental asia

Below is an embedded code from Google map. Not sure why that board was set up there. To mislead tourists? or thinking that tourists won't bother investigate further, will take a photo with it and feel good about visiting southern most point of continental asia?Or may be it was just set up purely for touristic purposes, without real logic or purpose.

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Few other internet publications seem to second my thought that this can't be southern most point of continental asia. What are your thoughts? Is it misleading? Am I missing something? Nevertheless, let us enjoy some more scenic photos of the venue


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