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Panasonic Horse Riding equipment at home

We've seen treadmills at home/gym which facilitate virtual walking. Looks like Panasonic is taking this to the next level- a fitness equipment which lets you experience horse ride at home.

Called core trainer, I saw a newspaper article about this in Singapore- don't think it is available in India yet. The article explained how exercising using this core trainer equipment can help improve various parts of the body and facilitate full body workout. Note: results may vary across individuals.

With this Panasonic core trainer, you can now sit in front of your TV and feel the horse riding, while sipping coke and munching chips. The code trainer equipment has 7 programed training courses, 8 shaped movements, 9 level of speed control and a LCD display (does your horse come with all these?)

Unlike real horse, this one won't throw you off, doesn't need food and rest. But will it ever be a replacement for real horse riding experience? I doubt.

Image below: EU6641, taken from Gearlover

Core trainer EU7805 is priced at SGD 2688 (Approx 1.2 lakhs INR) I think a real horse costs 3-4 times that amount

What next? Bungee jumping at home?

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  1. Hey, its all in your mind! Remember 'Total Recall'? Those days are not far off when we'll be able to buy almost any experience.

    It was nice of you to share it.


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