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Labrador Nature Reserve, Singapore

Labrador Nature Reserve is not usually seen in Singapore's tourist map. Unless you know it exists, there's hardly any signage directing visitors to this place. Labrador Nature Reserve is a nice little place off Alexandra Road in Singapore. It in a small hill near the ocean and provides nice view of the Singapore’s water front. Once in history it was a battery unit, protecting the city from sea born threats. Now it houses a small forest and a light park.

British setup a battery unit in this place, as it was elevated and had good view of ocean, strategically ideal place to fire cannons at enemy ships. This place has some war relics which date back to world war 2.  I spent about an hour or so walking around this nature reserve.  Literature says about 70 kinds of birds reside in this reserve. There was supposed to be fort, but I didn't notice it. A restaurant also operates nearby.
Below: A monument detailing battery unit. 
There're some underground tunnels, but I found them closed.

The road goes all the way down to the waterfront, from where we can get good view of the ocean and is reportedly the only rocky sea cliff in Singapore. There's a jetty as well. I didn't see much tourist activity at this place. A few resort like places are also located in near vicinity.
How to go there? Take MRT till Labrador park station and walk till Labrador nature reserve. (take taxi if you can't walk. Park is about 1.5km from MRT station)


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