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Review: CTEK CT5 Powersport charger for bikes & cars, sold in India by Naredi

In this lockdown, if you’ve not used your car or bike for prolonged time, it is likely that its battery would have drained and you will have trouble starting your vehicle. When the car doesn’t start, conventional way was to push it on a straight line and then try starting, or get another car close by and jump start your car by connecting to battery of another car. First approach needs 4-5 strong men and a straight stretch of road, while second approach needs another vehicle, jump cables and the know-how of how to do it. Both methods are neither easy, nor convenient.

What to do when your car/bike battery dies?






Try Push start

No cost (excluding tip to pushers)

  • Need 4-5 strong men to push
  • Need straight road
  • Effort intensive
  • Success not guaranteed


Jump start

Less Effort

  • Need cables
  • Need another car/battery
  • Need know-how
  • Mechanic fees
  • Risk of damage


Buy new battery


  • New battery costs 2k-7k
  • What to do with old battery?
  • New battery also may fail again
  • Time & Effort to get new battery


Keep your car running once every 2 weeks

Cost effective

Needs time, attention- easy to forget, not possible when separated from car, may still fail despite starting once a fortnight

Use CTEK Car /Bike battery charger

  • 5 year warranty
  • Use on several cars, bikes
  • Convenient to use
  • Portable to carry
  • Fail proof design

One time investment of 9k needed.

Not portable like powerbanks- need live AC socket near vehicle

A more practical, convenient, universal and effortless approach is to use a portable car or bike battery charger. CTEK is the most trusted brand of automotive battery chargers and their products are sold in India exclusively by

ctek ct5 powersport battery charger

Naredi usually ship their orders same day.

I used the CTEK CT5 Powersport to charge battery of my Apache RTR 160 and it worked like charm. I didn't have a drained battery though. Mine was zero maintenance battery which was fairly charged as I had used the bike recently. So within minutes I got 'care' light on, indicating battery is fully charged.

CTEK CT5 powersport

How does CTEK car & bike chargers work?

  • The device takes charge from AC source (we have to plug it in to wall socket and then connect the other end to car/bike battery). This means CTEK battery charger is not really portable like powerbanks. It doesn't store power/charge in itself, only helps recharge Lead Acid/Lithium batteries using Alternate Current source.
  • Then using cables provided CTEK CT5 powerport can be connected to car or bike’s battery. Required connectors are provided along with CTEK charger.
  • Device is smart enough to assess the status of the battery and if not charged, will charge the battery with power from AC source. CTEK has fail proof mechanisms to prevent overcharge or any damage to the battery or self. You don't have to sit and wait. Once charged fully 'Care' light will come up. Then you can disconnect the charger and start your car/bike.
  • You can leave the car/bike connectors connected to the vehicle itself and just plug in the cable with charger when needed. This will reduce need for opening up battery cover each time.

Advantages of CTEK Portable battery chargers over other methods

  1.           One charger can be used by anyone in family or among friends
  2.           No need to scout for people to push the car or call mechanic to fix
  3.           Easy to carry, fail proof and handy accessory.
  4.           Five year replacement warranty
  5.           Can be used to charge 12V inverter battery, Lithium battery as well
Key benefits of CTEK CT5 Powersport chargers
  • You can extend life of a regular lead acid battery by about 3 times. This alone will pay back the amount you've spent on CTEK charger.
  • Has a recondition function to desulphate the plates of the battery
  • Different modes for car, bike and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Battery
  • Eyelets- small cables that can be connected to car/bike battery and left there as is- this will make it easy to plug the charger without having to open the battery cover all the time.
CTEK CT5 Powersport technical details:
  • Input:  220-240 Volts AC at 50 Hz (India domestic electricity)
  • Output: Upto 2.3 Amp, 14.4 V for lead acid, 14.2V for Lithium, 15.8 for reconditioning.
  • Temperature range: -20 to +50 degree centigrade
  • Warranty: 5 years, replacement
  • Capacity: 5 to 25 AHn
  • Type of batteries that can be recharged: All types of 12V lead acid batteries, 4 cell lithium batteries (LiFePO, LiFe, Li-Iron, LFP etc)
  • Modes: Normal (lead acid), Recondition, Lithium
  • Country of Origin: Designed and produced in Sweden, Assembled in China
CTEK portable battery chargers cost about 9900 INR in India. You will get about 10% discount and free shipping by using code 'Webinar10' if you order on below link before end of July 2020. You might want to get yourself the most awarded battery charger for complete peace of mind. Remember Naredi are the only authorized dealers for CTEK in India.

CTeK CT5 powersport charger kit

Disclaimer: I got the CTEK CT5 Powersport charger product for review but the experience and words are my own.

Watch my CTEK CT5 Unboxing video below or watch on youtube here

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