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Fight back diseases by boosting immunity and strengthening bones and muscles

Prevention is always better than cure. A stronger body with a strong immune system can fight diseases better. But our lifestyles, food habits and at times sheer laziness prevents us from adopting healthier practices crucial for immunity boosting. In this post let us examine the key factors that offer our body higher immunity and inner strength.

Key factors that can ensure stronger body and high immunity are:

  1. Healthy nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Avoiding nicotine and alcohol
  4. Hygienic living

Nutrition plays a key role in immunity boosting. Food is not just to satisfy our taste buds or quench hunger. Food needs to power our body cells and enable them to stray strong and fight external entrants such as viruses. Understanding how to fight disease with good nutrition in India is paramount.

Taking care of nutrition

Understanding nutritious diet involves understanding seven nutrients that are crucial for our body.

  1. Vitamin C: An antioxidant that protects cells, Vitamin C is available generously in citrus fruits such as lemon, orange etc. Vitamin C ensures healthy skins and connected tissues that can prevent entry of foreign objects into our body.
  2. Vitamin D: Vitamin D boosts our immunity cells and regulates them. Available in early morning sunlight.
  3. Vitamin A: Essential to keep key tissues in mouth, stomach, intestines as well as respiratory systems in good health.
  4. Protein: Made of amino acids, proteins are the fuel for cells in our body’s immune system. Eggs and meats are main source of protein.
  5. Zinc: Zinc heals wounded cells and aids in reproduction of cells.
  6. Vitamin E: Vitamin E, similar to Vitamin C, works as anti-oxidant and protects cell membranes from damage caused by free radicals.
  7. Fluids and electrolytes: Water and other fluids are essential for smooth functioning of our body.Tender coconut is an excellent natural drink to refresh our body.

Taking care of bones and muscles

A healthier person is one with stronger bones, stronger muscles and much higher resistance to potential diseases. We take our body for granted and stop caring as we grow older. This is a big mistake most of us realize only after it is too late. We need to avoid this and care for our body and our organs. The time is NOW and not tomorrow or next week or next year. Let us all play it safe.

Supplementing your efforts

Despite our best efforts, we might miss out on meeting all the nutrient needs from everyday food. People who do not consume eggs or meat often need other forms of protein supply.

A sure shot way to ensure our body gets its daily dose of required nutrients is to consume a nutrition supplement like Ensure, which is a complete and balanced nutrition.It contains 11 immunity nutrients that help create new immunity cells in the body. Ensure helps provide the required Strength and Immunity to help us live our lives non-stop.

A little more investment in right nutrition supplement will go a long way to ensure a healthier living and could potentially save on problems in the future.

Let us be safe than sorry, invest in right kind of nutrition and look forward to a healthy tomorrow. #StrongerTogether


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