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Corona Tourism: Evolve Back Hampi Lockdown Escape Package!

Evolve Back Hampi is open for business and is offering a package deal of 1.76 lakhs for 1 week, targeted at people looking to escape Bengaluru lockdown.

Evolve Back Hampi has sent out an email to all its customers advising them to avail this package to escape lockdown. Evolve Back is the most luxurious stay option in Hampi, HQ of former Vijayanagara empire and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Hampi has enough monuments and attractions to keep you busy for weeks.

Details of Evolve Back Hampi's Package:
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Visit this link to book if you are interested:

What are the pros and cons of Corona Tourism? Does it make sense to escape city to avoid lockdown?

  • Freedom from lockdown- you can move around the resort and probably explore places in Hampi that are open
  • Lower than normal rates. (Evolve Back's standard rates were upwards of 35k a night, now 22k per night in this offer)
  • Boosting economy: Some revenue for travel, tourism and hospitality business.
  • Escape from months of city life into lap of luxury and service- one of the most popular brands in Karnataka for ultimate luxury.
  • What if lockdown gets extended? You will have to extend your stay and spend more
  • What if other districts are also put under lockdown? Resort may have to be shut and then you'll have to follow up on refund. (DC ordered resorts in Bandipura to shut last week)
  • How will you travel? Risk of infection during travel (flights to Vidyanagara are not operating now, road is the only option)
  • Corona will NOT go away after 1 week. So at some point you will have to come back and face the risk.
But think of this from another angle: If you get infected, hospital bill will cross 1 lakh rupees per day. So it might be safer to spend 25k per day at a resort? Each one is on his own, so everyone will have to think what works best for them. If you feel safe escaping to a luxury resort and have spare money, then why not?

Evolve Back's Covid-19 policy is available below

What is your take? Would you escape city for a short while to avoid lockdown and feel safe from Corona? Two lakhs a week is most likely unaffordable for most middle class families- would you escape if there were cheaper options?

Around Hampi: Raya Trail * Tungabhadra trail


  1. So elegant!!
    Evolve Back is the old Orange County? And there's a property in Hampi?

    I want to get away for a bit (so,so badly), next month. Still on the fence about it tho'
    There's this chance of situations changing overnight, no? Strange times!!

    Stay safe, Shrinidhi.

  2. Woooow amazing place. Thanks for sharing with us.


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