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You will fall in love with Royal Enfield Classic 350 BS6 because of these new upgrades

Royal Enfield is a household name in India and Royal Enfield motorcycles have aspiration value, a large fan base and a riding experience which is unique and memorable. In every city there are motorcycle riding clubs formed by Royal Enfield owners, and weekend rides and long bike trips are regularly undertaken. 

 I’ve had multiple long rides on various Royal Enfield motorcycles. The most memorable one was the South India tour I had on the Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm a few years ago. I started my trip from Bengaluru, rode to Hasana, stopped by Shettihalli Holy Rosary church, rode to Chikmagalur, Shivamogga and rode back to Bengaluru, solo. When alone on the road, Royal Enfield is a confidence-inspiring partner and commands respect from other riders on the road.

I’ve had a few other memorable rides with Royal Enfield as well, including a solo ride to Shravana Belagola, a team ride to Wayanad and a few more.
Another unforgettable experience with Royal Enfield was the factory visit in Tiruvottiyur, Chennai. On select days, Royal Enfield allows visitors to experience the functioning of their factory and learn first- hand how a motorcycle is assembled. It was very touching to see the human element that goes into handcrafting a Royal Enfield:
Each Royal Enfield engine is hand tuned and manually checked for perfection, hence no two engines are 100% the same in terms of engine sound (rhythm). This makes each motorcycle really personal.
All Royal Enfield petrol tanks are hand painted by just two skilled painters (Jai brothers).

Earlier this year, Royal Enfield launched the Classic 350 BS6 in Stealth Black colour, making the switch from BS4 to BS6 well before the BS6 emission norms (similar to Euro 6 norms) came into effect on April 1st, 2020.   

The new eco-friendly classic motorcycle is powered by a 346 cc single cylinder, air cooled fuel injection equipped system that produces 19.1 BHP of peak power at 5250 rpm and 28 NM of torque at 4000 rpm. The visible difference from the BS4 model comes in the form of a bigger catalytic converter located in exhaust, which ensures emissions are cleaner than before.

 The new Royal Enfield Classic 350 BS6 is available in six colour options -- Stealth Black, Chrome Black, Classic Black, Airborne Blue, Stormrider Sand and Gunmetal Grey. Standard and Electric Start variants along with single channel ABS now make the motorcycle a lot safer and convenient to ride.
The new Classic 350 BS6 retains its well-known core design elements: a round chrome headlight with twin pilot lights, chrome exhaust, classic round rear view mirrors, 35 mm telescopic front suspension, twin gas charged rear suspension with 5 step adjustable preload, 280 mm front disc brake with ABS, and so on. The look, feel and handling has remained unmistakably Royal Enfield.
In summary, the new Royal Enfield ClassicBS6 promises a more comfortable ride, with an engine that is greener and easier on planet Earth, while retaining all the core capabilities, essence and joy of motorcycle riding that legendary Royal Enfield motorcycles are known for. Same old memories, with more smiles and reasons to cheer! 

With Unlock 2.0 in effect, things are opening up in almost every city so I am planning to head to the nearest Royal Enfield showroom in my city to take a test ride and experience the new Royal Enfield Classic BS6. In fact, now you can even book your motorcycle online and customize it as per your wish.  Visit Royal Enfield’s official website to locate a dealer or configure your motorcycle. Customization gives you the power to combine colours, specifications and accessories to create a motorcycle that’s an expression of you. So that when you’re ready to ride out under the open skies, nothing can come between you and your Royal Enfield.


  1. I am planning to take a test drive next week but lockdown announced. so next month mostly

    1. You can do your research, configuration and booking online now on RE website

  2. Watch BS6 classic 350 cinematic B-Roll shots, you'll fall in love with it

  3. I don't like why royal Enfiel classic 500 ia discontinued!

  4. It's a shame the 500 is being discontinued as I believe the 350 will be to slow on UK roads

  5. It's a shame the 500 is being discontinued as I believe the 350 will be to slow on UK roads.


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