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Kallu Ganapathi temple-Udupi district's hidden gem

Kallu Ganapathi or Stone Ganapathi is a small temple located in the centre of several large boulders. The temple is small but the presence of large boulders, a river and scenic view makes this temple a special attraction in Udupi district. Kallu Ganapathi temple is located some 30 kms from Udupi city near Saibrakatte. Thanks to Subramanya SM for tip off about Kallu Ganapathi temple.
Reasons to visit Kannu Ganapathi temple in Shiriyara
  • Scenic view: Rock near Kallu Ganapathi offers scenic view of paddy fields and a river. Refer photos in this post and watch the video. I didn't get the best picture due to cloudy weather- will visit gain some other day later.
  • Huge boulders: Naturally formed huge boulders are an attraction worth exploring. They are concentrated on a small area, easy to explore and are left untouched mainly because of temple. Else someone would have blasted these rocks and sold them as building material.
  • Temple: While boulders were here since thousands of years, Kallu Ganapathi temple is said to be built over 500 years ago under the sponsorship of King of Barkuru, Shri Bhootala Pandya. It is a small temple without anything visually attractive but the campus in which temple is located is worth visiting.
  • Paddy fields and rivers: You can walk around the paddy fields in the area and enjoy the nature for a while. There are lots of paddy fields, a bridge across the river (one visible from top of the temple boulder) and more. Walk around and enjoy the nature.

Watch a short 3 min video I made during my recent visit to Kallu Ganapathi temple [watch on youtube here]

How to reach Kallu Ganapathi temple in Udupi?
By car/own transport: Follow Google maps. Kallu Ganapathy temple is about 30 kms north of Udupi, 20 kms South of Kundapurua and about 9 kms off NH 66 from Kota Moorukai stop.

By bus: You will get bus till Saybrakatte (Saibrakatte) from Brahmavara, Kundapura. From Saybrakatte Kallu Ganapathi temple is about 4 kms. Auto can be hired from Saybrakatte to reach Kallu Ganapathi temple. Buses going towards Haladi from Saybrakatte can take you little further near a village called Kudhurekatte. From Kudhurekatte bus stop Kallu Ganapathi temple is about 2.5 kms- you can walk if you can or try for an auto.

What else is nearby? Don't miss Mekkekattu Nandikeshwara temple within 4-5 kms from Kallu Ganapathi temple. Guddattu Vinayaka temple, popular for its Aayarkoda seve, is also close-by. Mandarthi temple, Saligrama Gurunarasimha temple are few other temples within 10 kms radius.

Nov 2022 Update: this reel of mine on Kallu Ganapathi has got 5000 views.

Don't miss to include a visit to Kallu Ganapathi during your visit to Udupi district.


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