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Kattale (Dark) Basadi-Protected monument in Barkur, Udupi

Kattale Basadi is a small campus with two Jain Basadis, now in abandoned status. Kattale Basadi is located in Barkur town, about 5 kms from Brahmavara and 20 kms from Udupi in Karnataka.

Kattale refers to Dark. The Basadi is called Kattale Basadi because of unique design. The Basadis are totally covered with stone walls and roof on all side, except one tiny entrance, only source of light. The entrance faces south and has some carvings to its side. One can take a look inside the basadi from outside. There are no deities inside at present and no pooja is performed. 

Kattale basadi complex has 3 temples and some more ruins. One temple is dedicated to Jain Thirthankara while other two were meant for Shiva and Vishnu. Temple structures measure about 30-35 ft in length and 20-22 feet in width.

Kattale Basadi Barkur
Above: Interiors of Vaishnava Basadi (Vishnu temple)

History: Kattale basadis of Barkur are said to be built in 12th century AD. The ASI board in the campus is all rusted and hard to read. Govt should replace this with a new one along with some weather protection mechanism.
Text from ASI Board: Barkur was capital of Alupa Kings and regional capital of Vijayanagara Empire. Barkur was ruled by Keladi Nayaks, Tipu Sultan and later British. Among several temples here are two teples in a complex built in 12th century at a distance of 30 meters from each other, on plan are almost similar and have a grabhagriha (inner sanctum), Sukhanasi and pillared Mukha Mantapa. The pillars of Mukha Mantapa are moderately ornamented. The exteriors are plain.

Below: Ruined Nandi vigraha infront of Shiva temple
Below: Shiva temple view, Shivalinga and roof. Looks like outer walls are constructed later.

Below: View from entrance for Kattale Basadi
Above: Rear view of Kattale Basadi
Below: Vaishnava Basadi with closed walls & roof on all sides and one tiny entrance facing south.

Above: Sculptures of gatekeepers outside of Vaishnava Basadi in Kattale Basadi campus
Below: Some mantapas in ruined condition

Somehow Barkuru doesn't appear on Udupi's tourist map. Barkur is just 4 kms deviation from NH66 National Highway from Brahmavara. Definetly worth a visit when in Udupi.

Visitor information for Kattale Basadi:
  • Entry fee: None, Free entry
  • Timing: There is no fixed timing to visit Kattale Basadi, you can walk in any time of the day.
  • Time to spend: 10 mins to an hour depending on your interest.
  • Parking: Roadside parking
  • Restrooms/facilities: None.
How to reach Kattale Basadi?
Kattale Basadi is at a walkable distance from Barkur town/bus stop.
Barkur is reachable by bus from Brahmavara (and also from Bidkalkatte/Saibrakatte side) or you can hire an auto from Brahmavara to ferry you to Kattale Basadi and back.

Mangaluru airport is nearest airport (approx 100 kms), Barkuru has a railway station but express trains may not stop here. Udupi is nearest big town for bus/train connectivity from far away places. Taxi can be hired in Udupi to reach Barkur.

Nearby: Ruins of Barkuru fort is about 1 km from Kattale Basadi. Barkuru town has a dozen different temples, which you can visit depending on your interest. Kallu Ganapathi temple, Guddattu Vinayaka Temple, Manipal Salumarada thimmakka tree park, Jomlu Theertha falls, Kodi Bengre, Kemmannu, Hangarapete are some other attractions within 20-30 kms radius from Barkuru.

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