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Mosquito net for home windows- cost, types, tips

Mosquitoes are a menace in many cities and villages. Particularly during monsoon ignoring mosquito problem can result in more severe problems like dengue. We have invented dozens of methods to fight with mosquitoes over time, pros and cons of which are listed in below table. In this post, let us focus on the 6th one- Mosquito net for windows






Use mats & liquids- 30-100 Rs per set (holder, mat/liquid)

  • Relatively cheaper
  • Portable

  • Needs constant refill
  • Needs closed room to be effective
  • Could contain poisonous gases


Mosquito net over bed

1000-2000 Rs

One time purchase/ setup


Restricts movement

Few may still get inside


Mosquito gels/lotions

50 Rs?

High mobility

  • Need constant refill
  • Not very convenient
  • May spoil cloths


Keep surroundings clean

Best solution but effort intensive to clean n keep it clean forever

Not all surroundings are in our control, may still collect stagnant water etc

Mosquitoes may still fly in from other areas


Mosquito Bats

200-400 Rs

Good exercise killing mosquitoes with bats

Hard to achieve 100% success. A few remain or appear after sometime

Need lots of effort every single day


Mosquito net for windows

2000-10000 INR

Window can be opened- fresh air can still come in

One time setup

Needs periodic cleaning







Mosquito net for windows is a relatively effective, convenient and not too expensive solution. 
Effective because it seals windows with a semi transparent, ventilated net which is just enough to let in fresh air but small enough to prevent a mosquito or insect flying in.

Convenient because you can detach it if not needed. Window mosquito net/meshes come with a sticky strip which keeps it glued to the strip on the window frame. When not needed or for cleaning, removal is easy.

Not too expensive: Setting up mosquito window net for your come typically costs between 2000-10000 INR. Exact price depends on number of windows and their size, material/type of mosquito window and of course your vendor who will charge a margin for his time and effort- procuring the nets, cutting them and stitching them to the strip, setting it up at your home (one stop is attached to window frame using nails/clips. These take time and effort. 
Above: Close look of the window mosquito net
Below: Detachable
Below: Look of window after black mosquito net has been added
Types of window mosquito curtain options
- Velcro polyester nets with stapler pins- cheapest option- involves fixing the strap with pin (or nails as an alternative)
- Velcro polyester net with magnetic clips- use glue and attach magnetic bars to windows- doesn't damage window frame.
- Add separate movable frame with fibre/aluminium net- more expensive but suitable for metallic frames on which stapler won't work or office windows/windows that can take an additional moving frame on the inside.

Who provides these window mosquito net setup service in Udupi-Kundapura?
I wanted one for our homes, so did some research on this. Below are my findings
  • Most small town shops may not have this service. You've to go to bigger towns like Udupi, Kundapura, Karkala etc
  • Some shops only sell the material (the net) for a per meter pricing. You've to buy it, go to a tailor for stitching and then fix it to the window yourself. This is doable and might work out cheaper if you can get the material and tailor service at reasonable price.
  • In Kundapura, contact Sri Mookambika Enterprises near old bus stand
  • In Udupi Hi-Decor seem to be providing this service Check I find their rates a bit high, but they have more options, home service (chargeable)
  • You can check online. Websites like Amazon sell mosquito mesh setup for windows in fixed sizes. If your window size is standard like 3ft by 4 ft you can buy these ready-made sets. Starts at around 300 Rs for standard window-reasonable price but buy from a trusted seller-we won't know how long they last and what quality material is used. May be instead of ordering for all windows in the house order for once, if works well order again for remaining windows.
Things to check before ordering detachable window mosquito mesh
1. Get your measurements right. Buy a tape like below, measure length and width of the window.
2. Check how many windows you'd like to cover like this- every window in the house, only selective ones etc. Your cost will vary depending on number of windows and their size.
3. Decide which mode you'd like to try- such as 
Option 1: Buy fixed size sets online
Option 2: Buy material, get it stitched- savings may not be huge compared to option 3.
Option 3: Order & Get it made from one vendor

Also note: You can have entire window frame replaced with a frame with net. But this option will be expensive. Having a regular window with glass and a net will give you dual advantage- you can make it air tight by closing the glass window and can keep it open but mosquito free by putting on only detachable mosquito net.

Additional points to consider while buying home window mosquito nets
  • Home installation by vendor/self installation? You can install them yourself- buy using either a small nail n hammer or heavy duty staplers. If you are doing it yourself be sure to select right size nails/staplers, nail on the right size of the strip and take precaution not to hurt yourself in the process.
  • Colour: Home window mosquito meshes are available in black and cream. May be there are other colours as well. Black ones are usually better at letting more lights in- you won't even notice they are there from a distance. 
  • Owner's permission: If living in rented home, you may need consent from your owner before stapling or nailing on window frames.Using heavy duty glue might be next best option if you don't get permission.
  • Periodic cleaning: Mesh should be cleaned once a while as dust will deposit on it. Just detach it and dip it in water, it can be cleaned easily. Avoid using detergents or chemicals as they may harm the net material.
Home Window Mosquito net FAQs
Q1. Are window detachable mosquito nets ultimate? Are they 100% foolproof?
  • Mosquitoes may squeeze in from some portion of the net not closed/covered properly
  • Net may suffer a damage if your pets scrap it or if some sharp objects like knife bruise through it.
  • There could be other openings in the house (like exhaust fan, some holes near the roof for TV cable etc through which mosquitoes may still enter. 
  • Mosquitoes may enter when door is kept open.
Q2: Are home window mosquito nets rat proof?
No. Rats can bite the net and make their way in. If there is rat menace you will need steel/aluminium net or ensure windows are closed tightly.

Q3: What are the drawbacks of home window mosquito net/mesh?
As they prevent mosquitoes from coming in, they also prevent mosquitoes from going out. So those inside will get trapped. You will still have to get rid of those mosquitoes using liquids, bats etc before going to sleep.

My experience:
Recently we spent about 4100 INR to fix window mosquito net on 10 windows in our home, of different sizes (2 large, 2-3 small and rest medium size). I got it done from Mookambika Enterprises, Kundapura. I decided to go with them after checking with a store in Udupi and taking quote from an independent service provider, both quoted almost 2x more.
But still window mosquito net solution will take away your mosquito problems to a reasonable extent, if used along with other precautions (like keeping doors closed, closing other air vents etc). The home window mosquito nets are one time setup cost- about 2000-10000 INR- lot sensible than cost of admitting a family member in hospital for a week because of dengue or other mosquito born diseases.
You will still face mosquito problem outside the room. Stay safe by maintaining clean surroundings.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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