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Data Privacy-GDPR-compliance-information

This page is setup to inform audience of my blogs- and about the manner in which visitor data is collected and used by my blogs.

Generic Information about the blogs- and
Both my blogs are publication platforms in which I share my experiences, observation, analysis and reviews in the form of blogposts. Visitors generally arrive through google search, facebook/twitter or other social media platforms or by direct entry of blog URL or subscription emails. Visitors are not mandated to register/share any of their personal information and it is possible to access the site and exit without revealing any personally identifiable information.

Below is an overview of various activities a visitors of my blog and an overview of what data is captured.
What information is captured
How to avoid
How to delete/ undo already done actions
Visiting the blog, reading/viewing contents
IP address
Captured by Google Analytics & such tracking tools for site traffic assessment purpose
Use IP masking utilities
Or Access from public internet facilities
Or Do not visit the blog in future
Analytics has been configured to purge old data after 26 months.
Clicking on any links/ads/banners
Navigation to target URL

External websites may have their own GDPR policies- pls use discretion before clicking
Don’t click on anything
Not possible
Subscribing by email (Optional)
Email address
New posts will be sent via email
Do not subscribe
Unsubscribe using the tool like feedblitz through which you get emails
Submitting text using blogger contact form
Name, Email, Comment
Text submitted will reach me via email
Do not use contact form
I can delete your message from my mailbox on demand
Leaving an anonymous comment (optional)
Anonymous comments can be submitted without any data like name/email
Leaving a comment with blogger profile
Blogger profile link
Other visitors can access your blogger profile. Pls refer to Blogger’s GDPR guidelines to know more
Use Anonymous/ Other commenting options

Email to admin at asking your comment to be deleted
Leaving a comment with Name/URL
Name, URL (if entered)
Other visitors can click and visit the URL entered



Hosting & Data Storage
Please note that this blog is hosted on google provided blogger platform. All above information are stored/hosted in Google's systems as per applicable laws and regulations. No visitor information is stored in personal systems of this blogger. This blogger doesn't perform any commercial use of visitor information and doesn't intend to capture any personal information from the visitors, except what's mandatorily & automatically captured by data analytics tools like Google Analytics (IP address/demographics) and what's voluntarily disclosed by readers while leaving comments or subscribing for emails. Both my blogs are now https enabled for better security.

Cookie Policy
My blogs leverage the function provided by blogger platform to seek consent from EU visitors on cookie usage. Screenshot below

    Cookie consent
    Whom to contact for queries related to visitor information/other concerns related to privacy pertaining to and
    1. You may use the contact section available in side bar
    2. Or leave a comment on any of the posts
    3. Or mail me on admin @ enidhi dot net
    4. Or contact me on any of my social media accounts. (Refer icons in top right corner of the page)


    Appreciate your efforts and interests to comment. Comments may be moderated due to increased spam. Will ideally respond to comments within few days.Use Anonymous option if you don't wish to leave your name/ID behind- Shrinidhi

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