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The Best laid plans by Sidney Sheldon: Book Review

I read Sidney Sheldon after long time. Sidney and Frederick Forsyth were my favorite authors during school days.

The recent book is titled 'The best laid plans'. It is about a man and women, who were supposed to wed but get separated, pursuing different career paths- one goes on to become President of the United States while the other becomes a media empress, with an ambition to destroy president's career as a revenge for not marrying her.

Plot gets intricate with war reporting, details of campaigning and so on. Book gives good insight on personal lives of top leaders. They are, behind their facade, indeed normal people like us- with same amount of fear, need, desire like everyone else.

Master story teller that he is, Sidney ensures that at no point reader can predict what's going to happen next, nor left bored. 

In paper 212, there's a mention that Dana would cost Peter his life later. But there's no mention of Peter's death in the climax.

Also it was not clear if both the president and his side kick shared liquid ecstasy during their mischief.

Book is priced little expensive at Rs 299, but after discount was available for Rs 190. But then Indian sub continent price is much lower. Same book costs much more if bought in say US or UK. Do read for great entertainment.

Title: The Best Laid Plans
Author: Sidney Sheldon
MRP: Rs 299 (Rs 190 on flipkart)
No of Pages: 344
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Harper Collins


  1. I loved Sidney Sheldon, Michael Creighton and Arthur Haley's books when I was in College. Would love to get my hands on them again, now that I have bought a Kindle. I did not expect them to be writing still, actually!

    Destination Infinity

  2. i used to love frederick forsyth as well


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