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Bhagsunag temple and falls, McLeod Gunj [Updated]

Bhagsu falls is one of the tourist attractions in McLeod gunj. During first week of summer, Bhagsu falls didn't really have much water left. Still water was good enough for those who wished to take a bath. Below are the view of the falls from a distance and close up.
Below art work caught my attention
Reaching Bhagsu falls involves driving on narrow roads for about 2 kms from the heart of McLeod gunj. There're a few temples and lots of restaurants (better options than city centre or chowk), along with a pay and use swimming pool.

A parking fee of Rs 20 was collected. While taking the car out, one of the guys (I think he was one of the drivers around, probably waiting for a space) almost put his hand on my steering and started giving loud instructions on what I should be doing to get the car out faster. Getting rid of him was a challenge.

Jan 2020 Updates:
Visited the Bhagsu Nag falls again. This time walked up to the waterfalls and we also did a Yoga session and had breakfast nearby. Many interesting birds were also spotted. Nothing much has changed in past 6 years in terms of infrastructure or other things.

Photo by Ami Bhat.

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