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Jallianwala bagh memorial Amritsar

We knew about Jallianwala Bagh because of our history books. Jallianwala Bagh is the place where General Dyer ordered firing on innocent, unarmed public gathered inside the park. The incident happened on 13th April 1919, about 95 years ago, resulting in deaths of thousands of people (The then British raj lists the death toll at about 370, but no one believes this)

People had gathered to celebrate Punjabi new year (Baisaki), but to General Dyer it appeared like a protest meet. While soldiers fired at helpless villagers, many died in stampede. There was a well in the campus, into which many jumped, hoping to escape the bullets. In under ten minutes, thousands of bullets had been fired and an equal number were dead on the ground.

Over time this park has been converted into memorial and stands testimony to the brutal killings and loss of life during the freedom fight.

Earlier this month, we got to visit this place in person and below are the photos for your reference.

 I think the place in front of the memorial is supposed to have some water and fountain, but it was dried up.

There're no entry fee to visit the bagh. It is located very close to golden temple. It is open from morning till evening and closed in the night. Washroom facilities and drinking water is available inside.

Our generation is oblivious to the hardships of the past. We complain about slow internet, high petrol price and things like that. A century ago, one had to be lucky to be alive for one more day. Spare a moment for those who died in the fight for India's independence.

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