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Review: Girivihar Dining Holiday Club Lonavala

Girivihar is a budget accommodation in Lonavala and we found it fairly good and value for money place. 

This post is a quick review of this budget accommodation in Lonavala

Girivihar appeared to be a club house once, now converted into hotel. Spacious and green enough.

Good things about Girivihar Dining Holiday Club Lonavala
  • Spacious rooms and decent balcony
  • Small but nice garden with seating facilities
  • Good parking space, games (TT, Carom etc)

Not so good things about Girivihar
1) Instead of 12 noon we checked in at 5 PM (After deviating to visit Lavasa). Still one of the rooms they couldn’t keep it ready and started preparing it only after our arrival.

2) They don’t have a restaurant here though display says so. Upon order, they get it from outside and deliver. Understandably they charge a  premium as delivery charge and their own profit margin, making food expensive. A cup of tea was priced at Rs 25. For comparison, a cup of tea at Kamat Green House few kms away costs Rs 20. So, where possible have food outside.

3) We had to leave very early for the balloon ride (which incidentally got cancelled)- I was suspecting that at 4 AM I may have to wake up security to unlock the gate. But when I woke up and went out, gate was unlocked and no one was in sight. Not locking the gate means a little extra risk.

4)No view. The hotel is located in between other residential properties. So you don’t feel like you’re in a tourist area or hill station. If you’re particular about view of the Lonavala valley, there’re other hotels in Lonavala which you should try.

I didn't spot any swimming pool in the campus- not sure if it is somewhere else.

Costed Rs 1326 per room per night without AC. There are other properties in Lonavala in similar price range. Hotel Saffire, Hotel Biji resort etc are very close to this hotel- all of these are located near L&T Training centre. Tourist attractions of Lonavala are in the range of 5-10 kms from this hotel.


  1. Lonavala has become a long forgotten place these days, but this looks fairly nice, next time we are around pune - mumbai, might head to lonavala for a day or two

  2. Sure. Nothing much in summer, but should be great experience post rain

  3. Nice post reminds me of my visit..

  4. Nice post, Thanks for sharing.


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