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Scenic Dharamshala HPCA Cricket Stadium

Knowing that the cricket Stadium in Dharamshala is open to public, we set out to spend a few moments there before leaving the city.

Below: Panoramic view of the stadium-Click to enlarge

At first we failed to locate the right gate through with public could enter the stadium. So we went around the stadium, spotted a locked gate and thought probably it is not open to public. We went further and go to see beautiful scenery as below.

While returning we asked few people if we can go inside the stadium. We were guided in the right direction. This path has a narrow passage. While visitors were allowed in, vehicles were not. Cars had to be parked in the narrow lane outside.

We could see a board with photo of a person everywhere. First I thought he must be a local cricketer or celebrity, then realized that this is the photo of Anurag Singh Thakur, president of HPCA (Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association). He wants to make Dharmashala as a flower city.

One of the stands where cheapest of the ticket holders would be allowed, is open to visiting public. It gives good view of the stadium and the mountains behind.
 View of the great himalayan mountains behind
 HPCA logo

 Stadium looks so peaceful and calm.

 Standby for more

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  1. Hey remember visiting this stadium during the construction in January 2005. It's a nice place with scenic views. Was told it's the highest cricket stadium in the world altitude wise. Wish I can visit again!


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