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Skywatch-Sunrise at Golden temple, Amritsar, Punjab

One week ago, this time, I was in Amritsar, Punjab. Went to Golden temple 3 times- once in afternoon, once in the night and one more time early morning. Below are some early morning photographs of sunrise behind the golden temple of Amritsar. More photos and details of Amritsar golden temple will be published in subsequent posts.

Above photo was clicked after sunrise while below one was clicked few minutes before sun came up

 Due to clouds, the morning sun was not sharp

Watch my earlier skywatch pics here *


  1. Beautiful skies and you did capture the golden temple in it's glowing beauty sometimes.

  2. Wow - stunning shots!

  3. so beautiful. i saw tony bourdain's show on punjab and he featured this golden temple.

  4. Thanks Arija, Ladyfi, D Prabhu,PC and Christian

  5. Amazing images of sky and golden temple. Beautiful ones!

  6. These pictures are beautiful. I visited Amritsar and Golden Temple last November. Fell in love with the city and Golden Temple. Have a look


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