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Forts in Doraha, Punjab shown in Rang De Basanti movie

While I was scanning for any interesting place worth visiting enroute to Delhi from Dharmashala, I came across Doraha. This town had couple of forts, which were showcased in the popular movie, Rang De Basanti.

Hence I planned to stop by these forts for a short visit before heading to Delhi. This meant I had to take a small deviation that added 15kms, but it was totally worth it.

With help from locals, we arrived at the first fort at 5.12 PM, only to be greeted by a locked gate and display which said fort closes at 5PM.

 Closeup of the walls
 Below: Inside view as clicked from behind the gates
Above: Sidewalls of the fort
Below: A Gurdwara near the fort

A local guy told that this is not the main fort. He said main fort is few kms further.

The second fort is officially known as Sarai Lashkari Khan, as it was built by Emperor Aurangazeb's military general- General Lashkari Khan sometime in 1667. It is visible from the highway and located behind Manji Sahib Gurdwara. If you're driving from Delhi towards Ludhiana via Ambala city, then the fort comes to your left and is clearly visible from the highway. But we were driving from Ludhiana towards Delhi, so it wasn't clearly visible. We took help from locals who guided us to the fort.

Unlike the first one which is open only between 9 AM and 5PM, the second fort had no gates and is open all the time. Located in the middle of vast agricultural fields, the fort is extremely scenic.

 The fort is fast deteriorating and without any monitoring, it is being subjected to vandalism by curious tourists. We spent some time in and around these forts and proceeded towards Delhi

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  2. Lovely fort. Reminded me of the Mahmud Gawan madrasa in Bidar. Nice captures!

  3. We were searching for this second fort but couldn't find it. The first one was closed because we reached at 5:30 pm. However we scaled the wall. The cabbage field, wheat field and tree plantation outside the first fort was so peaceful and beautiful. Not a crowded as other tourist place. No local cab drivers or hawkers to irritate you. Still so peaceful.


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