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Sorting out Sid-Yashodahara Lal-Book review

I’d added this book to wish list in flipkart months ago and had been postponing purchase to avoid paying additional delivery charge. Recently bought it with few other items.

Sorting out Sid is a fiction revolving around a deteriorating marriage. It is the story of Sidharth, who is a senior executive at a firm that makes toilet cleaner, who proceeds to become company’s youngest VP. But his personal life is on a roller coaster ride. His marriage with a college senior isn’t going well, with disputes and arguments spoiling every day. With an imminent divorce, Sid is hooked up to another lady by a common friend. Does his journey sails through or encounters thunderstorm? Do read the book to find out.

Sorting out Sid has intricate details of everyday challenges and differences of opinion faced by any wedded couple. It offers each-others view points, role of friends and a good amount of corporate insights. It also illustrates how impulsive abuses and statements spoken out in anger can spoil a long term relationship. After purchase I’d kept it aside for few days, but once I started reading, finished it in 2 sittings. Doesn’t bore the reader at any point. Plot is very realistic and could happen to anyone. Those who like family fiction or Saas-bahu serials may like this book.

I feel the pricing for Sorting out Sid is on the higher side. I’ve bought similar fictions for Rs 100-150 price range, while this book is priced at Rs 200 after discount on flipkart (MRP Rs 250). The other book I bought- Sidney Sheldon’s ‘The Best laid plans’ was priced at Rs 190

Grab a copy if the story outline narrated above is of your liking.

Title: Sorting out Sid
Author: Yashodhara Lal
MRP: Rs 250 (Rs 200 on flipkart)
No of Pages: 330
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Harper Collins

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