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Bike Registration in Uttar Pradesh-Observations

My previous visit to UP was only to its touristy destination, Agra. So I didn’t feel much or rural UP that time. But my recent trip allowed me to drive longer and deeper into Uttar Pradesh and understand it slightly better than last time. One of the many things we observed in UP was that the bikes hardly sported registration numbers. Most of the bikers had either removed the front number plates or used that space to write slogans like ‘Jai Mata Di’. Thankfully some of them had the courtesy of displaying the number in the rear, while others didn’t care. I was told that in many places showroom people hand over the bike if you pay the ex-showroom price. No need to pay tax, registration, insurance etc. People use unregistered vehicle for years and only if they want to sell, then it gets registered. No one bothers enforcing the law.

Below: One guy has 'Jay Mata Di' on his number plate, while the other- blank. The suzuki is very old bike- at least 8-10 years old as the sale of that model was long stopped. So far does't look like anyone cared to register.
This guy has completely removed the number plate
How about Yadav for a number plate? Easier to remember than numbers no? Yadav caused an accident and ran away!
And Helmet? What's that?


  1. Wild wild east,to be frank all this doesnt surprise me at all.

    No offense but some of mid UP ,jharkhand,part of odisa,wb -there is no law of the land whatsoever.It has been the case for a long time now ,so if you ask them about registration plates they will ask you what are those probably.

    You should watch some of jha's movies set in bihar especially -like gangajal etc and so on they tell you what/how lawless lands work in India

    What you have found here is just the tip of the iceberg.Seeing is believing.There is no law of the land there- i am not exaggerating.

  2. Agree, there're more worse things than bike registration.

    Thanks for the comment.


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