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Angsana Oasis Resort and Spa Bangalore review

Spent 2 nights at Angsana Resort and Spa recently, located on the outskirts of Bengaluru city. This post is a quick overview of what is good and what is not that good at this resort. We were there for a company outing paid for by my employer.

Angsana seem to be focusing mostly on corporate customers and not individuals- I tried checking rates on their website but it didn't reveal any. I asked in reception if they can share the room rent details, I was told they don't have any but I can get in touch with sales person for more details.
Good things about Angsana Resort:
  • Very huge campus with lots of rooms, open areas and independent villas
  • Away from city- very silent and serene (except for occasional train passing sound)
  • Spacious rooms & Balcony
  • Good tennis court, Squash court and other facilities.
  • Fairly friendly staff
  • Many birds can be spotted in the campus if you have an eye.
  • Well shaped pool, though not long or deep enough, is good for quick swim or water games.
 Some pictures of the campus below

Not so good things what I experienced at Angsana Oasis Resort and Spa, Bengaluru:
1. Only 1 key card per room, even for double occupancy. This is the single most inconvenient I faced in Angsana resort. I had to share room with a colleague and resort people said only 1 key card per room. What this meant is that myself and my room mate couldn’t roam around at liberty- always had to keep coordinating where the other person is, to collect or hand over the key card. At times other person might be sleeping, in the pool or doing something else and if you need to enter the room, it becomes very inconvenient.  I asked at reception why can’t they program another key card and give me, the answer I got was “if we do that previous card will get disabled”.  This is very odd. Suryagarh inJaisalmer could provide me with secondary key card, as I wanted to keep a card inside to charge my devices while I am away. I might want to sleep while my partner is out partying- I need to wake up in the middle of night to let him in. He may be somewhere in the resort playing or doing something else without having his phone next to him, I need to physically trace him down and get the card. Very inconvenient and annoying.

I think they should fix this on priority- allow at least 2 cars to be operational for rooms that have double occupancy.

2. Locating our rooms in the night during check in was bit of a challenge. Though there were signages, they are not illuminated, so room numbers weren’t clearly visible from a distance during the night. We had to literally go close to each block and read the numbers till we found our rooms. I entered the campus through rear entrance- there was no security and I took some time to locate the reception area as there were no navigation aid.

3. There are a few monkeys and stray dogs in the campus. Be careful about your children and expensive items when in the open.
4. No bath tub. Shower cabin is too small for a resort. Can’t stretch arms as it will hit the walls.
5. Shampoo, Moisturizer etc are stored in very big bottles. I am not sure if they will be replaced for every guest.


  1. I had been here for a company outing. Didn't like the food so much. Sports facilities were decent. They keep spamming my office emails with promotions all the time. Sales guy, Irshan(If I am not wrong) was good guy. I spoke to him a lot as I organized this event. I didn't find the staff that helpfull.

  2. @Manoj Bhat

    I found most of the staff fine, few were not that helpful. Example, tennis court would open at 7 AM.. When we asked for rackets at 6.40.. we were asked to wait etc


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