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Myles selfdrive car rentals now in Mysore and Mangalore

Today, I was in for a pleasant surprise. While I was casually browsing through the self drive section of Carzonrent website (I do it once a while to check if they’ve added any new cars or locations), I noticed that there’re two new locations in Karnataka. Namma Mysuru (formerly Mysore) and Mangaluru (formerly Mangalore). This is great because so far, Bangalore was the only city in Karnataka that offered self-drive car rentals. I had to rent it in Bengaluru and drive to any other destination.

Now I can take a train/bus to Mysore/Mangalore and rent from there. I can avoid some unnecessary long drives, rental time and fuel. This saves good amount of energy & money.

So far the number of cars seem to be very few. Just one or two per model. In Mangaluru, there’s only Figo and Swift. Rental price is about Rs 1500 a day, fuel extra.  In Mysore, only Figo and Ecosport. All of them fully booked for the month already. I hope they add more and more cars soon.

Carzonrent Self drive car rental rates in Mysore
Per day rate

Carzonrent Self drive car rental rates in Mangalore
Per day rate

Note: Fuel expense will be extra, there will be a 30000 security deposit and other terms/liabilities apply.

It was not that Mangalore didn’t have anyone renting cars on self drive. There were a few private players who rented white board cars illegally. This was usually rented only to known people and through referral and not to total strangers.

Nearby destinations from Mangalore:
  • Towards Kerala
  • Bekal Fort, Kasargod (80kms)
  • Chandragiri fort (near Bekal fort)
Towards North/East
  • Udupi/Manipal (60kms)
  • Kollur-Kodachadri
  • Agumbe, Shivamogga
  • Madikeri
  • Sakaleshpura
  • Karwar, Goa, Dandeli
Some of these destinations, like Goa or Dandeli will be too far to drive from Bengaluru. From Mangalore, they are reasonably close

Meanwhile I also wish Zoomcar expands to few other cities in Karnataka. Recently they took a delivery of over 150 cars in one shot in Bengalauru, they are adding a fleet of Tata Nano twists soon and expanding rapidly overall.

Zoom: BMW 320d * Ecosport * Scorpio * Figo * Reva
Carzonrent: XUV500 * Ertiga * Duster * C Class * Carzonrent Goa experience * 


  1. Hi thanks for above info, since I will be travelling to Coorg via mangalore I wanted to know are these safe and genuine option to take a self driven car. Even they don't fool anyone by claiming false damage? Please share your experience

  2. Thanks to Myles and Zoomcar, thousands of people are renting cars every week and having good time. Overall the experience has been good, barring few stray incidents of delay in refund of deposit etc. I suggest go ahead and experience it

  3. Hi,

    Thns for the wonderful info
    i`m from mysore & is there Any contact name or Number of mysore ZOOM/ Myles/car person who can rent a car service?

    your help will be appreciated,


  4. Check this post for bike rentals


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