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Manvar resort on Jaisalmer Jodhpur highway

This post is about a place we stopped for tea on our way to Jaisalmer from Jodhpur. At first I thought it is a small restaurant for refreshment, but soon we realized that this is a mini resort on its own.
Manvar resort has several rooms with rents ranging from Rs 6000 Rs 15000 a day. The top spec Rs 10000 room comes with a living room, a private balcony that opens right into the woods, all meals and many more. (Package inclusions and rates may vary)

There’s a large pool, for residents only.


Private balcony, opening into the woods. Occasionally snakes might crawl up- I am told
The other interesting thing is the traditional storage system used.

While the campus looks fairly down to earth, room rates are pretty much at par with star hotels. The property is situated in the middle of nowhere, so I am not very sure what would be the motive to come and stay here. But some possibilities are:
  • You’re driving through the highway between Jaisalmer-Jodhpur and you feel like resting for the night midway instead of driving another few hours to reach your destination
  • You’re in Pokharan for some nuclear bomb testing and want a place to relax
  • You’re visiting the deserts for some offroad or other events and need a base.
  • As per their website they also organizse Desert camps, camel ride, crane spotting, desert safari and other such activities
Mr Devilal was another attraction at the Manvar resort campus, because of his large mustache and traditional dress. Tourists love to get clicked next to him.
Disclaimer: Rates and other services are subject to change. What I have written is based on what was told to me during our visit. Please check with the property management for latest information. is their website..

Manvar on Map

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