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Shettihalli submerged church updates

Jan 2024 Updates
Visited again with family. Drone photo added below. Video coming soon. Now there is good road for cars to reach all the way till water. Church structure is almost as it was during my last visit several years ago. Few vendors are selling soda, sugarcane juice etc to visitors now.
Shettihalli Holy Rosary church is an ancient church by the river side, submerged during a dam construction. Only when water levels recede in winter & summer, church is visible. Located at some 16kms off Hasana town in Karnataka, the church (whatever of it remains) draws tourists who visit this area and are aware of its presence.

This was my 3rd visit to Shettihalli. First time was in May 2011 courtesy Hoysala Village Resort. That time it was peak summer, water level was very low and lots of greenery made the scene very photogenic. Check this post for photos.

Went again in October that year, but then at that time it was almost submerged [View pics here].

I was curious to find out what will be the state in December end, which is in between the two extreme seasons I’d been there earlier. So when I had an opportunity, rode there again and below are the pictures as seen on December 28th.  Water levels had receded few meters away from the church. I reached there at about 3PM. Couldn’t afford to wait till the sunset, had to move on.

One noticeable thing was that couple of makeshift roads have been made leading to the church, so now it is possible to drive up to the church.

Few older pics for quick comparison. Each year, few more bricks from the church become victim to the water flooding. Do visit once before its completely gone.


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