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Vellore fort and temple visit, off NH46

I've passed through Vellore town numerous times but hadn't managed to enter inside and explore a bit. Recently went inside to check out the Vellore fort. Vellor fort was built in the 16th century by the Vijayanagara rulers

There are some one way restrictions on the road that leads to Vellore fort. I wasn’t aware of that and ended up circling the fort once before entering. 
Notice the water canal made to ensure enemies don't get easy access to the fort. In most of the parts water has dried up

Vellore fort is reasonably well maintained with a nice garden on one side. There was no entry fee to enter the fort and I could ride inside.

Once inside, I noticed a temple, few office buildings, few shops and open areas. There is also a church and a mosque inside I am told. Sri Jalagandeeshwara temple stands prominently in the heart of the fort.
The temple was small but beautiful. Carvings were very intricate.
Outside the temple campus saw a vendor selling these sweets that melt in mouth- Rs 5 a piece, often referred to as Bombay  Mithai
Next to him was a fellow selling mouth based musical devices... (flutes and other stuff, which reminded me of a kannada poem by GP Rajarathnam, titled "Bannada tagadina tuttoori"

It is possible to climb the fort wall and walk all around the fort campus. I didn’t have enough time so I explored only a small bit.

Popular Vellore Golden temple is also nearby, but because of lots of security restrictions I wasn’t very keen to visit the temple.

I could see some bits of fort walls on nearby hills.  Above photos were clicked with MotoE. I was lazy to take out Nikon.

So if you’re zipping between Chennai and Bengaluru via NH46, do consider taking a deviation at Vellore and take a break exploring the fort.

Nearby attractions: Yelagiri, Hogenakkal, Kancheepuram, Chennai etc


  1. I am planning to go to Vellore Fort and Golden Temple. What security restrictions did you come across there? Aren't we allowed to take pics inside the Golden Temple now?

    Destination Infinity

  2. Camera is a strict No-No. Bags also not allowed. Also long queues most of the times

    Not sure if these restrictions apply all the time or only when there're festivals

  3. Nice post!
    I remember going to Vellore in 2008 during Diwali. Vellore Fort was nice and accessible. Golden Temple was amazing, although if i remember correctly, photography was restricted.

  4. Even I had passed through this city from outside...this time I will also explore the fort...thanks for sharinng...

  5. Nice post on Vellore fort. Got to visit sometime. Not quite keen on the commercialized golden temple.

  6. @Niranja

    Do visit. Yes, Vellore temple is lots of pain

    @Ranjana: Do explore

    @Antarik: Thanks for your comments

  7. I live so close by and haven't seen the fort or the temple, should try and make it there this December break. Thanks to you.


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