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Toilet for Bubli: Idea from Bangkok and Murudeshwar

Indiblogger ran a campaign recently, called Toilet for Bubli. Participant bloggers who write on the topic got gift hampers from sponsors (Domex). I wanted to write about it but was busy + lazy and before I could act, the campaign ended.

Nevertheless, it was for a good cause and I thought I will complete my post and publish, with or without any benefits.

When it comes to public sanitation, I remembered seeing these buses in Bangkok July this year. These buses were operated by Bangkok Metropolitan corporation and have toilets and bathrooms inside. Whenever, wherever there’s big public events, these buses are parked nearby, so that visiting public, primarily women can use them. I think is a good initiative.
Back home, in Murudeshwara-Karnataka, there’s an entrepreneur who has converted an old bus into a mobile bathroom. This bus is positioned near the Murudeshwara beach. Those who wish to take bath in fresh water after getting wet in sea water or wish to change etc can use this bus for a nominal fee.
Further, few years ago I had mooted an idea where public sanitation could be made free for all by displaying ads. It hasn’t really taken off anywhere beyond my post though.

Even Chetan Bhagat’s recent book, Half Girlfriend sort of mentions this issue of not having toilets in schools. Local MLA refuses to help build permanent toilets citing multiple reasons and just offers to arrange portable toilets on the day of the function.

There have been some real life campaigns, not to marry your daughter to homes that do not have proper toilet facilities.

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