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More ban ideas to the Government..

‘Ban’ seems to be our government’s one stop solution for all problems. Whenever some idiot commits suicide from a tourist spot, police simply block entry to the place to other tourists, as if everyone is going there to die and if entry is blocked, there’s no other way to commit suicide.

In the recent development, Uber and other app based taxi services are banned in Delhi (and fast spreading in other countries/cities. I am not a big fan of Uber, have used it a few times only [My Uber experience here] and I agree that aggregators (such as UberAirbnb who provide a platform for buyer and seller or service provider/consumer) should share some responsibilities. But a blanket ban is not fair.

However, extending Govt’s logic that ban can solve all problems, here’re some uber cool ideas

1. Ban Income tax, as some people are avoiding tax: Some individuals are evading tax and hoarding black money, which income tax department and ED aren’t able to fix. So till they are able to fix the loopholes in the system, Ban income tax.  Don’t collect income tax from anyone. (Only if Govt does this, it will understand the pain of thousands of taxi driver families whos income has now vanished)

2. Ban Politicians, since some of them are proven to be corrupt.

3. Ban marriages- since marriage is found to be the primary cause of divorce, banning marriage is guaranteed to control number of divorce applications

4. Ban all schools, since schools are not safe for children. Let everyone educate their kids at home

5. Ban all tobacco products, as they cause cancer- why this drama that bans only loose sale?

6. Ban burkhas- some women in burkha attacked SP Sangliana’s daughter at a supermarket but they can’t be traced since their face was hidden by burka…

7. Ban all cars and bikes that can go faster than 80-100kmph. Since that is the max permitted speed limit in India and nowhere we can legally drive faster than that, why sell cars what can go at 120kmph or more? Ban all such vehicles and  our roads will be super safe! Why allow their sale and then employ police with speed guns to catch vehicles that are going fast?

8. Ban all xerox shops and printers- this is where people fabricate forged documents

9. Ban all SUVs because people like Salman khan drive it over pavement dwellers and our courts need decades to close the case

10. Ban alcohol all over India, as it results in drunken driving and a series of other problems...

Ban Ban Ban....


  1. Humorous post but serious meaning within it.

  2. The funny thing is acts of crime itself is something that is "banned" by law, with the penalty being imprisonment.

    And people still commit crimes everyday.

    If they keep beating around the bush, may be one day they will ban people from coming out of their houses.

  3. in this case i am glad govt banned it ,remember ban is temporary

    Not only India but many other countries have also banned it germany and even spain,legal suit in usa -sanfrancisco

    Personally havent used uber but i understand the concept.

    Once you use the concept of taxi ,you can call it whatever you want ,there are certain basic rules that is to be adhered to ,you just cant wash off hands abt rules regulating taxis saying they dont have anything to do with it.

    That is one of the reasons they are being banned abroad and now in india as well,for the simple reason they refuse to come under the ambit of rules regulating taxis.

    I am amused by the foolishness of Uber who continued to operate in delhi despite the govt banning it and hence forcibly taken off road,it shows something is really rotten in uber

    On a side note -just like her father ,daughter seems to have picked up great values -

  4. One more idea - ban zooming feature in smartphones. Hope you know the context :-)

  5. @Pavanaja: Ban smartphones altogether.. let everyone book trunk calls to call each other..

    @The wild:
    Thanks for the detailed comment. Yes, Uber model has some flaws, mainly because law is never able to catch up with technology...


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