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Harley Davidson India Street 750 FAQs

This post provides quick answers to various questions I have been getting during past few days about the Harley Davidson Street 750 that I rented. 
Q: What is the mileage this bike gives?
A: I got 20.55kmpl. (This was the most asked question about the bike, everyone is obsessed with mileage than anything else)

Q: How much does the Street 750 cost?
A: About 5.5 lakhs on road in Bengaluru. Expect an annual insurance spend of about 20k, maintenance expense of another 5-10k minimum per service.

Q: Isn’t it heavy?
A: Yes it is, but very much manageable by ordinary folks. If you’ve ridden a bullet and Bajaj Avenger, you will be able to handle street 750. Wider tyres ensure better grip and centre of gravity is very low, so there is not much chance of rolling over. 
Q: From where did you rent it? How much did it cost?
A: Rented it from WickedRide.in in Bengaluru for Rs 4000 a day. More details in this post.

Q: What is the rental process? Is there any risk?
A: Rental process is fairly simple. There is a risk that should the bike suffer any damage, you will have to pay for it in full. So in a worst case scenario you run a risk of 5-6 lakhs. You will have to give a cheque and passport as security.

Q: How was the ride?
A: Feels good for the first timer on Harley, but nothing enigmatic as engine sound is not that attention grabbing. Surge of raw power is overwhelming. You should read my detailed review of the bike for more details (coming up soon)

Q: Is the Street 750 good for city ride?
A: Street 750 is Harley’s cheapest offering in India and its official description says it has been customized for city riding. I could manage it in the city and I haven’t ridden other Harleys to compare. Of course due to its sheer size Harley doesn’t have the agility or maneuverability of a regular bike- say Apache or Duke etc, but Street is very much drivable in city with comfort.
Q: What is HD street 750’s top speed?
A: I rode up to 145 kmph on NICE road, couldn’t push faster due to lakh of clear straight road and its poor braking. But I think it can go even faster, up to 160-170kmph.

Q: What is Good, Bad and Ugly about Harley Davidson Street 750
A: Good: Lots of power, stylish design, comfortable for long ride in modest speed.

Bad: Not much technology- no fuel gauge, not enough information in the console, poor rear seat posture

Ugly: Poor rear brake, Headlight that can’t be switched off, which means everyone on the road will blink their fingers at you asking to switch it off.
[Read Detailed review]
Q: Is it worth buying?
A: From the perspective of someone who thinks 5.5 lakhs is lot of money to spend on a bike, my answer to above question will be ‘No’. Given the cost of the bike, its maintenance and insurance, the value proposition doesn’t add up. Street 750 is certainly better than bullets in terms of power, cruisability etc, but not incredibly great. You can buy a Thunderbird 500 or Duke 390 for regular rides and rent the Harley occasionally when you feel like.

Of course, target customers for Harley are those for whom 5 lakhs is a disposable income. Those who already have different vehicles for various purposes and would buy Harley Davidson for its iconic status, not for practical usage. So for such people, few drawbacks of a Harley isn’t a constraint.


  1. Thanx for the tips. Shrinidh.
    Very Helpful post.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey sir

      What's Harley Davidson street 750 service cost model 2015

    2. Hello sir

      My family is middle class but my dream bike is Harley Davidson Street 750
      My question is bike service cost ....
      2015 model Harley I think purchase bike but my fear is service cost
      What's is minimum service cost
      Thanks & regards

    3. Hi Nitin,
      The service cost of any superbike is always, well.. costly. If you're ready to pay, then it all matters on the quality of service.

  3. Hey Shrinidhi,

    Thanks for the review of Street 750. A nice write up. However would like to clarify the doubt you had about not getting GT when you were at our facility to pick up Street 750.

    In your case GT was not available since there was intermediate booking. Even otherwise we dont encourage last minute changes with respect to bikes as we have limited bikes and once a bike has been blocked we would so "no" to all further enquiries for that particular bike.

    Hope you understand that it will be an opportunity loss for us if you decide to change your mind at the last minute.

    A nice write up. Liked the write about Enfield too.


  4. Hi Vivek

    I will go with that explanation. I have updated the other post accordingly.

    Thanks for commenting here.


  5. Hi Shrinidhi,

    Thanks for your good write up. I was so eye washed by people writing everything nice without pepper and salt on the internet until I came across your article. And I do respect it. But I need to take into account that it was entered in 2014. Now, it is 2016. I can say that the 2016 release of the Street 750 is much better with the brakes now. I suggest, if you can take a test ride with the 2016 model and let me know how it is now ?

  6. Thanks Jabez

    Will try if I can get my hands on 2016 HD.. Showroom experience is usually not enough to judge a bike- one should use it for few days and go on long ride to get full experience. WickedRide has reportedly imposed a 100 kmph speed limit now, so renting from them won't let us get full experience.

    Suggest you also take a test drive in the meanwhile.

    As far as I can see, Street 750 is getting lots of price cuts, which could also mean focus is on cost cutting and selling more units and not on improving quality.

  7. Nice review but I don't think you are much of a rider because Harley-Davidson has been in the market since more than a hundred years and their quality is better than any other British counterparts


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