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Lodhruva Jain Temple near Jaisalmer

After spending few hours on the desert exploring some temples, our coordinator asked us if we’d like to visit few more temples or return back to Suryagarh. Most of us enthusiastically said we can visit more temples and thanks to that, we were taken to the below temple, located in Lodhruwa village near Jaisalmer. 

Lodruva's Jain temple is a small but beautiful ancient temple. The intricate detailing on the wall is worth taking a closer look. This Lodhruva temple has a 900 years + history, built in memory of 23rd Jain Tirthankara. The temple was destroyed couple of times when the forces of Ganji and Ghori attacked India in 11th/12th century. It was later restored.
 The torana or decorated entrance of Lodhruva Jain Temple
 Main entrance.. Audio guides are available...
In the centre of the temple is a tree part with carved copper leaves, called Kalpavriksha, believed to be capable of fulfilling devotee’s wishes. While the ancient trade lane (silk route) has gone,  the temple stays back to tell the story.
 The Kalpavriksha.. closeup
This temple campus also the place where we met Rathore, a native of Jaisalmer who runs a nice blog and follows many travel bloggers of India.
Selfie with Sumer... Don't mind I was looking elsewhere- Was posing for Nisha's camera I guess...
And a few goPro shots! It was a bright and sunny day, so GoPro could give serious competition to Nikon

The Lodhruva jain temple is located on the banks of River Kak (somehow the river name reminded me of Topgear Burma challenge, where the trio built a bridge across River Kok instead of River Kwai). River Kak was once flowing pretty well but dried up seeing the love birds: Prince Mahendru of Amarkot and Princess Moomal (or Mumal). They were separated by a series of misunderstandings and in the end got reunited but died in each other’s arms. Nisha Jha has written a full post on this love story, so I suggest you read the details on her blog. 
 Memorials dedicated to Mumal and Mahendru
Temple on Google Maps


  1. Its such a beautiful temple and you have captured every detail of the architecture and the carvings.
    Superb series of photos.

  2. Go pro looks really good... that fish eye effect!

  3. THanks Mahesh Divya

    Mumbai Iteanu, Abhijith and Jitaditya

  4. Nice pics. Brought back memories of the place. And heh, my camera? :) Let me check my pictures.

    It doesn't matter as long as you are smiling. :)

  5. @Nisha.. you've already shared those pictures..


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