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5 tolerant countries Aamir Khan can migrate to!

Ever since Aamir Khan’s comments on leaving country came into limelight, there have been widespread criticisms and trolls on the net. I was expecting someone to come up with a list of countries Mr Khan could migrate to, but there was so such list yet. So I decided to compile a quick list myself- for the benefit of Mr Khan and anyone else serious about leaving India

Most Tolerant country No 1: Pakistan: Neighboring Pakistan has been extremely tolerant in almost all aspects. Pakistan was very tolerant when terrorist No 1 Mr Laden was staying in a compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan. Pak govt/military or intelligent agencies didn’t show any kind of resistance to his presence. Pak was also very tolerant when US intelligence got a hint and eventually stormed his compound and killed Mr. Laden.

Pakistan has also been very tolerant towards all militants crossing across its border into India- not a single terrorist has been shot ever on the Pak side of the border. So all in all, Pak should be No. 1 choice of all tolerant countries- it also has good following for movies, so Mr Khan shouldn’t have a problem earning his bread.  Pak usually doesn’t give visitor VISA to Indian nationals, but for someone like Aamir, getting permanent citizenship shouldn’t be a problem.

Most Tolerant country No 2:  Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is very tolerant nation. Women can drive cars here without any fear, getting tourist visa is easy and men and women can roam around freely, married or not. There is no need for women to wear burkha when venturing out- they can wear any cloth comfortable to them. Apparently there were images circulating on the net that Saudi Arabia has thousands of AC tents vacant that could have accommodated thousands of Syrian migrants, but no one was taken as refugee. With some financial payment, Mr Khan should easily get few of those tents or better stay for himself and his family.

Most Tolerant country No 3:  Syria: Syria is right now the safest place on planet earth. I read online that millions of people from Europe are migrating to Syria to seek refuge. People are very eager to live under ISIS rule there.

Most Tolerant country No 4:  Afghanistan: Bordering Pakistan, Afghanistan is also a very tolerant country. US troops spent years and billions of dollars on Afghanistan trying to introduce intolerance but failed miserably. Hardly anyone is stoned to death for doing what they felt like doing.

Most Tolerant country No 5:  Bangladesh: No, they didn’t kill any blogger for exercising freedom of expression. You can definitely make a movie there making fun of country, religion etc and grab hundreds of crores of rupees.


  1. Well curated list of the most tolerant countries, Srini. I agree anyone feeling Indians are intolerant can migrate to these countries and live peacefully. I am seriously not getting why the so called intellectuals diverting attention to pseudo fear when there are real developmental issues to be raised. And intolerance?? Well, if India is intolerant than there is no place on the earth to live than.

  2. You being a frequent traveler, I pray to God to keep you safe. I wish to have more of your travel experiences, Since I am 73 and will not be able to travel. Let your comments are not getting attention of most tolerant people of those five countries. Wish you all the best with the help of God.

  3. Thanks Seenu.

    Thanks Roohi. Yes, everyone is free to relocate. Some people are very selective about what they say, when they say and how they say it- all to suit their convenience and propaganda

  4. He could migrate to Sierra Leone too. Friendly RUF rebels give the option of wearing half pants or full pants. If you choose full pants you don't need to wear shoes ever. If you choose half pants, you don't need socks either. Imagine how much money he'd save.

  5. Not too sure if this post was made in jest but I don't understand why everyone is mocking Aamir Khan for feeling India is not safe. A LOT of people were saying the exact same thing about Delhi just sometime back because it is unsafe for women to be out alone or even with a man for fear of being raped.(because Indians(referring to the Indian men that actually committed the rape) felt if women were out late at night with a man were doing something wrong - where is the tolerance then?

    What about all those men in bangalore that beat the life out of girls that went to a club wearing "slutty" clothes - were they tolerant Indians? One guy speaks his mind about a conversation he had with his wife because she feared for the safety of her husband and their kids and people are making a mockery of it. Where is the tolerance now?

  6. @Anu: You are right in a way... we outrage selectively.

    I was thinking someone will surely make a list of countries he can go- no one published sucha a list, so I thought I will write one with some hidden humor.

    But in other cases you mentioned, catching the culprit and punishing them is a solution, not leaving home or country.

  7. @Raju: Trying to figure out where Sierra Leone is in world map... :)


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