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Kaunas, Lithuania-Cheapest place in Europe for Balloon Ride

I am not aware of any other place in Earth where you can have a balloon ride for 99 Euros. It is possible only in Kaunas, Lithuania.

In my post "Why Lithuania is an ideal weekend destination in Europe" one of the reasons were cheap balloon ride. This post has few more photos and information on the same,

After spending some time around Kaunas Castle, I walked towards a park nearby and spotted the balloon being readied for take off. Within next few minutes, it was in the air.

Just check with these guys if you want to book a slot! It costs only 99 Euros here. In Switzerland, it costs double (of course landscape below will be totally different). In India cost is about 8500 per person.
 Spotted the balloons next evening also. Spot the balloon at the centre of Bride tower

Unfortunately I couldn't try a ride. I have already experienced it earlier this year near Pune.


  1. Great informative post with amazing pictures !!

  2. Never tried a balloon ride. never got the right opportunity actually.
    The price comparison is helpful.

  3. Thanks for sharing.Glad to know that Lithuania is the cheapest place for Balloon ride in Europe.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  4. This seems great fun. I am yet to try out a balloon ride. Great info for people visiting there.

  5. @Bushra- Do try.. possible in Lonavala n Jaipur.

    @Sriram- thanks

    @Indrani- do try. It is possible in Lonavala n Jaipur, I can give contacts

    @Yogi- Thanks

  6. hi,
    Every one balloon ride is great fun, because you can fell like fly in sky, its really awesome feeling.
    thanks for shear this post, great...


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