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7 Places to get elevated view of Copenhagen, DK

What are the places in Copenhagen that can give you best areal view of the city? Did this thought ever occur to you? If you fancy clicking photo of Denmark's capital from a height, what are the spots you can go to? Below is my compilation of 6 such possibilities.

1. Copenhagen Zoo tower
One of the expensive options, because it costs 170 DKK to go inside Copenhagen Zoo and another 10DKK to go up the Zoo tower. But once you reach the top, you get good view of Fredriksberg. This post has all the photos.

2. Bella Sky top floor- Skybar
The Bella Sky is one of the uniquely designed buildings in Copenhagen. It has won several design awards. The property is now run my Marriot. Top floor of this building has a skybar from where you can get good views of Copenhagen outer region. You may need reservation to go there, can't just walk in stating "I want to take photo from top" . Radisson Scandinavia is another high rise hotel in city from where you will get nice view.

3. Star Flyer Ride in Tivoli- Photography not allowed but you can see great views of the city while enjoying this star flyer ride- main attraction in Tivoli amusement park, Copenhagen. More about the ride in this post.

4. The Round Tower, Copenhagen
Located in central Copenhagen, in the heart of city, Round Tower is an economic way of getting top view. This 17th century observatory is oldest in Europe. Locally known as Rundetaarn, Round Tower is within walkable distance from Norreport Station. Round Tower opens at 10 AM and closes at 6PM, except on Tuesday and Wednesday when it is open till 9 PM (timings could vary by season, check before going)

Feb 2017 Update: I went up. Standby for a dedicated post on the same.

5. Church of our Saviour, Christiania- has an external staircase for public to climb up and get good views of the city. Opens only at around 10 AM to public and closes by evening (timing could vary by season and if there're some functions like wedding, church is completely closed to public). Entry is free, but unfortunately this church is located in a locality known for drunkards. Be very careful about your belongings and strangers approaching you to have a conversation. Few of my colleagues had their belongings stolen here.
6. From your flight window: Take a window seat and keep your camera ready while taking off and landing. There are two different approaches airplanes may take while taking off and landing- one over the sea, which will give you beautiful view of the windmills in the sea, Oresund bridge (that connects Copenhagen to Malmo and travels under sea), the other one is over city. Most of my flights were late evening or early morning, so I don't have lots of great  pics from plane window. But what I saw with my eyes are still fresh in memory.

7. Radisson Blu Scandinavia
Check this dedicated post for stunning views from the 19th Floor of Radisson Blu Scandinavia hotel

Do you know of any other place in Copenhagen that can offer view from top?


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