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Beautiful Swiss Countryside in pictures

This post shares photos of Switzerland countryside, clicked during my train journey in Switzerland, between  Geneva and Interlaken. The extremely scenic countryside kept me busy throughout the journey.

Terrain filled with hills and mountains, green fields, big healthy cows gazing, small but beautiful houses, sometimes solo ones and sometimes in a group, tall trees at a distance and cloudy sky made my journey very memorable. Sharing some pictures with you so that you get an idea of what Switzerland villages feel like.

It was so unfortunate that I could look at only one side of the track at any given point of time.. If only I had two extra eyes I could have captured beauty on both sides of the track

If you like above pictures you should also check out my other posts- View of Geneva lake from train and Niesen peak for additional pictures on scenic Swiss countryside.


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  4. @kavitha- got 3 mails stating "Good photos". Thanks

  5. Mesmerizing scenes.
    I am reminded of my journey. :)

  6. Switzerland is such gorgeous country ... Being a DDLJ fan , it tops my "Place to visit" list :) especially super cute swiss cows :)

  7. Thanks Swati and Raghav

    I wanted to get down and pet the cows a bit, but that was not feasible unfortunately

  8. Very nice clicks; I must say that you have a good hand on your camera. These lovely scenic places reminded me of my family trip to Switzerland. Liked the peaceful atmosphere and the local cuisines. One of my favourite destinations.

  9. hi there,
    wow.. all about like full fun..


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