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Nice Red building-Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki

Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki was a bright building located on a rock, visible from a distance. I was waiting for ferry to go to Soumenlinna Island, I had about 15 minutes to spare. When I looked around this building caught my attention. So I walked towards it in quick steps.

It took a moment to figure out the right way to top, as one of the ways was closed. Once on top I took a set of photographs from outside, but couldn't go inside due to shortage of time. Also it was not yet open that day. 
Above- Closeup pictures of Uspenski cathedral dome.
Below- Cathedral and Helsinki flyer in a single frame, as seen from the boat
 And a GoPro shot

At first I had wondered if this is the rock church, since it was located on a big rock. Soon figured out it is not. Details about this Uspenski Cathedral can be found on Wikipedia if you're interested.

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  1. Cathedral looks nice. The clouds in the flyer pic is nice.

  2. The color of the cathedral's dome is a nice contrast to the rest and uplifts the overall look of the cathedral .. Brilliantly captured... !

  3. That's a very solid looking Cathedral. Good photos, nice skies.

  4. Nice captures of the beautiful building with required information !!

  5. Interesting color combination: brown and green! Nice looking cathedral. The photo with the giant wheel and the building, and the next one are both very good.

    Destination Infinity

  6. Thanks Rajesh, Yogi, Niranjan, Renuka, Kalpana, Arun, Rupam and Arun Prasad.


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