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Intex Aqua Ace: more photos n feedback

Last month, I got Intex Aqua Ace for review. I was told it will be taken back in 3-4 days. I used it as extensively as possible for those days and wrote my review here.

But then, the agency couldn’t collect the device back in time. Then I told them I will not be around for a week as I had planned a trip to Bali. The trip got cancelled, but I hit road to visit South India. I came back and a week later, they are yet to collect it back.Secretly I hoped they will never collect it back, but unfortunately sooner or later I had to return it.

Now the phone is gone, but I think I have few more points about the phone worth sharing. First the pictures. Below are some of the pictures I could click using Intex Aqua Ace. Full marks for the camera.

Panorama clicks

Apart from the camera, other thing I liked about Aqua ace is the tethering controls. Compared to other budget phones I have seen, Intex Aqua gives lots of control when you set up a WiFi hotspot using your phone. You can control bandwidth usage, No of users, block users and so on. Very useful. With the same SIM card and Same network, I somehow felt tethering in Intex Aqua ace resulted in a bit faster speed than tethering via Yu Yuphoria that I use.

But one not so good aspect I found about the Aqua ace was this- when I open facebook and try to upload pics, all pics appear same size, irrespective of it being a normal shot or Panorama. Panorama pics have a moving view. But I had difficulty identifying which one is the best picture among similar ones that I want to upload. May be because it will take some time to get used to.

Aqua Ace's battery can't be removed and you will need a pin like pointed object to open SIM or memory card tray. It comes with the box but you may not be carrying it everywhere-so finding a small needle like pointed object on urgent basis might be difficult at times if you urgently need to change SIM card or memory card. Most Samsung phones (such as Galaxy A5) and other high end phones are adapting same design these days.

Didn't have any complaints on other departments during my extended usage of the Intex flagship phone. I don't see any drop in Intex Aqua Ace's price on Amazon. Still retailing around Rs 12500.


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