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Interesting cars n bikes spotted in Europe!

This post is a compilation of various interesting cars and bikes I spotted in Europe. I have already written a post about cute 2 door cars in Europe. This post shares other car pictures.

BMW Bike with a roof- known as BMW C1 200, these things had a price tag of 4000 Euros when launched, but the model didn't tick off. Later BMW introduced lower cc, low spec version with a tag of about 600 Euros, can seat one and offer extra protection from rain and wind. But it is not in production today. Spotted in Geneva, Switzerland.

If you keep your eyes open, entire history of Beetle range will unfold in front of you in Europe. Below one I first thought a Beetle, but it turned out to be Citroen. Known as Citroen 2CV

This old Chevy truck was found abandoned on a street in Helsinki, Finland. Looked very attractive, but was missing a tyre.
 Electric cars for rental in Copenhagen
 A Reno electric car spotted in Amsterdam

Saw few cars like these in Amsterdam- fully functional. Not sure what model and make
(Update- This car is called Canta, known as world's smallest car and made by Waaijenberg. I thank James B/Lisa for identifying this.

A vintage car in Helsingborg, Sweden

 Two door swift looks cute! So does bright yellow Audi TT

 Hummer civilian variant and a stretched Limo version

Caravans are integral part of European holidays- own one or rent one, your home travels with you!
 And of course there is a bike culture

A big bike with three wheels- clicked in Bern, Switzerland
A fancy bus that takes customers to Ulriken cable car ride, in Bergen, Norway 
 A replica of London taxi, spotted in Kaunas, Lithuania
 Another SUV spotted in Kaunas-at first look I thought it is our Tata Safari, but it is an Opel
 Some race cars on display
Tesla motors has lots of premium electric cars, Model S, shown below is the most popular one. In bright red, it looks even better
Also saw many car models in display at airports- new Nissan X trail, Renault and Toyota models


  1. Amazing !! The real beauty of Automobile engineering

  2. I'm not crazy about the vehicles..still loved that 2 doors swift.

  3. Thats bike is looks great.Its an beauty of automobile engineering.

  4. You are referring to first one or the three wheeler one in Bern?

  5. Hello Shrinidhi,
    the picture of the car in Amsterdam that your not sure of the model and make, the model is the Canta and the Make is by a Dutch company called Waaijenberg.

  6. Thanks Very much James for that identification.

  7. It's interesting what different cars you will see when you're in different parts of the world isn't it? I know that in Asia their version of the cars we have are actually almost entirely different!

  8. Yes, there are lots of differences.. so it is very interesting to observe


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