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Hotel Silver Inn, Mumbai- When you can't afford the Lalit, Hilton or Leela

Silver Inn Mumbai is the hotel to stay when you want a room closer to International airport but can't afford the Lalits, Hiltons, Hyatts or the Leelas.

When I visited Mumbai for #BNLF, I was put up in this hotel, by Stayzilla, partners for the event. It was a shared accommodation, with another Bengaluru based blogger Naveen Mathew. While booking the room, stayzilla concierge service called me to confirm my check in, check out time. I raised an important point- that I would need a separate access card and can’t manage with one access card for 2 guests. Stayzilla lady spoke to hotel and told me that can be arranged by requesting at the reception.

But on 31st Oct evening when I went to hotel, reception staff said they can’t give me an access card, as other guest already has one. Even Agsana resort in Bangalore had same problem. I was upset with this stupid rule/process at hotels- they assume that both guests will always be together and one key card is enough. When both have different plans, timings coordinating with other person for keycard is total waste of time and energy. Despite anticipating this during booking and informing Stayzilla staff about this potential issue, in-spite of getting a confirmation that second access card will be given, I was put to inconvenience.

Staff opened the room with master key and gave me a dummy card to power the room. If I had my own card I would have taken a walk around the hotel etc. Without proper access I opted to sleep early, without dinner. Wasn’t keen to go back to The Lalit for after even party. Because it was just a night, I could manage. If one stays for several days under dual occupancy and both have different plans and timings, then we should avoid hotels that won’t give one access card per guest.

Apart from that, rest of the experience was standard. Rooms were decent and standard. Space is at premium in Mumbai, so we can't expect very spacious rooms in budget/medium range hotels. Room had multiple power outlets, AC and water heaters were working fine without any issues.
I checked out early next morning, earliest being 7 AM as breakfast won't be available before that. Restaurant has a few seats with view of the road outside. Breakfast items were standard and good enough.

Silver Inn is located very close to Marol Naka metro station and a km or two away from International airport. Thus Silver Inn is worth considering if you can't afford the tier 1 hotels near the Mumbai international airport- like The Lalit, The Leela, Hilton and others. Room rent in Silver Inn is usually in the range of Rs 4000 per night and gets sold out very fast.

No newspaper deliver to room, but you can read in reception. Parking space is limited to few cars only. Powai lake, Sanjeev Gandhi National Park are nearby attractions. Hotel's official website: 

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